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The HUD in Mario Kart Wii shows the race timer, the lap counter, and the item held by the driver. It also shows the player's current ranking during the race and the course layout.

A heads-up display or HUD is a visual overlay used to keep track of useful statistics in nearly all modern games. They are most closely associated with first-person shooters, where the HUD is used to display information such as how much health and ammunition the player has remaining, where objectives are located, or how much time is remaining in the current round/game. HUDs are also prominent in the fighting game genre, especially as the genre has matured; modern fighters will often featured highly stylized HUDs that track each fighter's health, the current time remaining, and myriad other information specific to each game, such as super meters. While HUDs in other genres may display different information, their purpose is usually identical.

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