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Edmund McMillen's first mainstream artistic successes were on the flash portal website Newgrounds, with a dress up game entitled "Dead Baby Dressup!" and flash animation entitled "12 uses of dead babies". He went with this concept for a while and put out many sequels to these games such as a WWF themed dead baby dress up game. During this time he also released a couple of animations that did not have to do with dead babies. After the finale dead baby dress up game in 2002 he began teaming up with different programmers on Newgrounds and making flash games. These included games such as curious weltling and Clubby The Seal. During this time he also worked on his Badlands universe. Badlands, set in a dry dusty desert and inhabited by strange and disgusting creatures played host to many comics and flash games of Edmund's creation. In 2004 he released the game Gish for the PC and mac. In 2008 Edmund released yet another game in the dead baby dress up series, this one video game themed. The same year he also released the flash game, Meat Boy. In October of 2010 Super Meat Boy the sequel to the original flash game was released on the Xbox Live Marketplace as part of the Game Feast promotion and then eventually made it's way to steam. The release and reception to Super Meat Boy is featured in the film, Indie Game: The Movie.

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