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awww yeaaaaaah

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So awesome.

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Skyrimjob!!! See still not old.

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Skyrim is so hard to stop playing! I really love these video reviews, by the way. I'd love to see them going on year round.

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Oh nice, I enjoy glorious battle.

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Awww Snap!

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awesome game

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An amazing game. So much quality content. This is actually worth the RRP.

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That flying bear...

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Good editing editors.

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Been waiting for this

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what? I wasn't doing nothing.

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Like Brad said it's definitely one of the best games I've played in years.

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I approve of Brad Beard

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I'm both disturbed and amazed by Brad's kinda beard.

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Well done and such a great game so far, but I don't want to see a giant launch a bear into space, that's fucking awesome

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What is that on the lower half of Brad's face? Looks like...a beard?

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As usual, amazing ending.

Also, I approve of the return of the Brad Beard.

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great video review. great game!

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This game is so amazing

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brad's rocking a sweet hobo's beard

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I just wanna say that I've watched a couple Gametrailers reviews recently, and it's distracting how many quick-cuts and dumb quotes n old transition animations they do with their videos. Giantbomb is way more chill, nice goin guys!

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@Xeridae said:

Like Brad said it's definitely one of the best games I've played in years.

Also as Brad Said "DRAGONS"

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Nice ending there..... mhhhhfff do I smell GB´s GOTY right here???

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Nice moves Nord.

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Good to see that No-Shave-November is celebrated in the Whiskey Mead Hall.

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Great review, great game, great beard.

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Hahaha the addendum was brilliant!

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Been waiting so long for this. Yes!!

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hoy fuk

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@musclerider said:



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nice review. I see that brad has his game reviewing beard going.

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It's kind of weird the video reviews don't have review scores.

Although in this case I'm probably not going out on a limb by guessing it's a 5 out of 5.

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Dammit Vinny

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LMAO at the giant "glitch"

I say they are just that damn powerful.

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44 hours in and I feel like I have like I have saw only a saw percentage of the game

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this game is awesome and will probably end up on a lot of duders game of the year lists.

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I've become convinced. I am going to get this game. I do not know when, because I have a backlog, and Dark Souls is going to be my next it's-time-to-do-it game. On the other hand, I have not the intent of having to finish Dark Souls, though that does not mean a give up/run away effort..just not going to hang my balls on it.

My worry is, if Skyrim becomes like Fallout 3 to me, I won't be doing anything else for a long long time. Fallout 3 , once I got into it, was the longest game I ever played, and this strikes me like it could have 3 Fallout 3's in content. And hell, I could pretend magic is energy weapons....seriously thinking that, because I recognize other mechanics, it's just in a fantasy world.

I always luv that last piece of music in video reviews, and it looked like that one guy was glitching to a variation of I Ain't Superstitious. lol.

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I have been stealing away any hour I can to play this. So much better than any MMO I have yet to experience and far better than any other Bethesda RPG to date.

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Need to play Skyrim!

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I need more free time to dump into this goddamn game and I'm picking up motherfucking Halo and Saints Row 3. GODDAMN VIDEO GAMES!! Oh wait, Skyward Sword is totally this Sunday too. AHHHH, VIDEO GAMES!!!

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Bearded Brad is Born.

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If I had no other responsibilities, I would just stay in my room and play Skyrim for a month.

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I buy pretty much every decent/big game that comes out (aside from shooters) but this week that isn't going to happen. Skyrim has completely taken over in the same way Morrowind and Oblivion did all those years ago. I'm in love...again.

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I bet Brad's gonna be backing this for Game of the Year come late December.

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What's the point of a video review days after the written review is released?

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Brad with growing facial hair? He is Nordborn!