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Posted by Meltbrain

YES! I've been waiting for this. Fantastic.

Posted by MagicKiwi

I'd like to be an ENFORCER.

Posted by CleverLoginName

Video gold!

Posted by Arcadem

I was kind of afraid you wouldn't do this, thanks for proving me wrong

Posted by NarcolepticBat

isnt brad also from the east?

Posted by jlaudio7

YES. thanks alot for puttin this up.

Posted by DrewBruschi

Heck yeah, I wanted to see what this was about.

Posted by PLWolf

That is pure gold and must have been a blast.
Oh, and I too, am a Gemini. lol

Posted by Super_King

Thanks for putting this up guys!

that was awesome

Posted by jyurakyumihawk


Posted by mrfluke

thank you for putting this up

Posted by MattBodega

Awesome start! Want more!
Great panel, you guys. Just...just great. It's great.

Posted by retrovertigo

It's almost as if I was there at PAX... only not. 

Posted by Packfan104L4

Is it just me, or is the video cutting out saying "Duder, it's over" about 4 minutes in....

Posted by JDevL

Really didn't expect this for some reason. Thanks for putting this up. I have a feeling it will be like a sober version of the PAX Bombcast.

Posted by Jothel


Posted by DualReaver


Posted by MasterSplinter


Posted by deadly_polo

woo hooooo

Posted by EmptyQuarter

Love Jeff wearing the 'Penny Arcade shirt.'

Posted by Weltal

Nice, though I wish I could see what's on the the screen. Want moar.

Posted by wefwefasdf

Yes! You guys rock!

Posted by Gearhead

I am crying at this very moment.

Posted by Lumley

Awesome to see y'all at PAX =)

Pure gold as expected

Posted by Qorl
Posted by Matt_H

I was looking forward to footage of the panel, awesome stuff!  Looking forward to the rest!

Posted by creamstatic

EPIC WIN. Great job guys. Keep it coming

Posted by VegaDemonLord

I was hoping to see this. YAY!

Posted by Tovan

Thank you guys for putting this up, I'm giggling over here.

Posted by Razor


Posted by SleepyDoughnut

reeks of pure win. Pure, pure win. Its pretty therapeutic. SO GREAT!!! YAY!!!!!!!

Posted by ez123

That was coo. Part 2?

Posted by snide

Can someone who has videos cutting out please report the following

  1. What browser are you using
  2. What OS you are using
  3. When exactly it is cutting out (use the time please)
I've heard various reports of this happening but I could use some details to track it down. Thanks.
Posted by Steve_C

Yes! I was getting pretty sceptical about this being put up - like others - but this is awesome.

Posted by GamerAdz

Awsome stuff guys!

Posted by Daanienator


Posted by poheroe

great staff !!

Posted by V_Ben

great video!

Posted by Dethfish

That was probably the coolest table of people ever

Posted by Afroman269


Posted by Sharpshooter

I have three questions

1) When is the rest of the video going up, because its totally fucking awsome?
2) Why can't we see the powerpoint presentation?
3) Is there any chance that we'll be able to download a copy of the powerpoint presentation so we can watch it along with the Panel?

Seriously dudes excellent panel so far, can't wait for the rest.

Posted by chililili

I want moar! and thanks for uploading this

Posted by RobDaFunk

Great Stuff....can't wait for Part 2

Posted by RobDaFunk

Great Stuff....Can't wait for Part 2

Posted by Smashlampjaw

video isnt loading for me very well...

Posted by Afroman269

The problem with this is that it won't completely load. DAMN IT I WANT TO FINISH THIS VIDEO!!

Posted by Aaron_G

This was awesome, thank-you for posting this.

Posted by Death_Burnout


Posted by krazychris

Great intro. Would love to see the rest of it. Please don't tease us. Also how many parts will there be?

Posted by imayellowfellow

man ryan just kept getting shafted at the beginning

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