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The perfect thing for a Friday evening.

This is what I got instead of a jar.

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Perfect start to the weekend

Posted by matti00

I give this pun 2 stars.

Posted by Mister_V

Surprise jartime is the best jartime

Posted by zenmastah

Was just looking for something new, good timing Jeff.

Posted by Chumm

Check out Mediamonkey for a not-shit ios syncing program, although I doubt it'll play nice with itunes DRM music. Works great for mp3s and podcasts, though.

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I was initially confused by the name and then I saw the "a."

Good show.

Posted by pyrodactyl

yeay, I thought they forgot about that whole premium content thing

Posted by G24S

Here in Sweden it's snowing - pretty hard.

Posted by VikG

This is perfect timing! Thanks Jeff

Posted by ZedsDeadBaby

I want to peel that sticker off Jeff's TV badly.

Posted by Generiko

I should have sent a question

Posted by Spwn

Love the title, Jeff.

Posted by Wampa1

Your pun's bad and you should feel bad!

Posted by byterunner

Google Music is pretty good, but for the size of your collection, you'll have to pay for it

Posted by Adrian79

Anyonelse really want to shave jeffs head? No? Just me? Ok then.

Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition

I have to admit it, I giggled at the pun.

Only slightly.

Posted by Trilogy

Woo! I hope I get my question answered.

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I like the idea of more live shows, but every day sounds crazy. I do miss the days of the Happy Hour, even if there were some boring ones- some of the best site material came out of those.

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E3 is coming !!!

Posted by Wikitoups

fucking cold in ontario, COLD!!!

Posted by Amafi

@G24S said:

Here in Sweden it's snowing - pretty hard.

Overslept for work this morning. Ran out my front door like a maniac, and didn't notice the snow until I was on my way down the stairs. Damn near killed myself.

I hate winter.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

Nice jacket, Jeff.

Posted by Fattony12000

Oh Jarry, you so crazy.

Posted by Cashewual

FUCKING A! I love these times of jars.

Posted by CircleNine

Jeff why do you have 1/4 of a goatee.

Posted by CaLe

@Zetetic_Elench said:

Jeff why do you have 1/4 of a goatee.

He hates shaving. I guess he did 3/4 and got sick the whole shaving bullshit.

Posted by mohasky

Did Jeff miss a patch of hair on his chin while shaving or is that a weird shadow?

Posted by Phatmac

You should probably shave

Posted by Paindamnation

Donkey Kong 64 is still one of my all time favorite games.

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The thing they say each time you go into a Japanese store is most likely いらっしゃいませ (irasshaimase). Just saying welcome really.

Posted by Seedofpower

Zune is actually a pretty good alternative to Itunes at least on windows.

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@mohasky: This is all I was thinking the whole time.

Posted by Pop

awwwwww yeaaaaaaaaaa!

Posted by RE_Player1

@Zetetic_Elench: How do you feel now that Jeff crapped all over your username?

Posted by zenmastah

Really hoping that in the future the no adds for subs thing applies to the bombcast also.

Posted by Bubbly

Yay!!! My favorite (well sort of, it's tied with random PC game) subscriber feature.

Posted by Megasoum

Hahahaha the twitter notification with the ipad far in the distance in the background. Awesome reaction.

Posted by alienjones

Great Jar time this week (as per usual). On the health/dieting - low-moderate carb works great, for sure. It's the best one to do without necessarily needing to be exercising, I find. Then again, that's a fair amount of effort, and I imagine it's super difficult to keep healthy and be so busy. On the large shoes - I'm envious of you since you're at the cusp of having big feet, but still being able to find sweet shoes, right? US15 is a bitch.

Posted by Bollard

My iTunes alternative is Windows Media Player.

Posted by macharborguy

Jeff Gerstmann : What exactly is the issue you are having with iTunes 11? Is it that the sidebar and such is missing? You can re-enable all of those and it will look just like it did with iTunes 10.

Control+B to enable Menu Bar

Control+/ to enable Status bar

Control+S to enable Side Bar

Posted by FCDRandy

Not drinking out of a jar. Also holy shit this is long.

Posted by cronox2

DoubleTwist is pretty good on Windows. It's more for syncing your music to an Android phone but it automatically pulls all of your iTunes library + playlists into it and everything is playable from there.

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The closest thing to an MMO raid FPS is probably the Resistance 2 co-op mode. I loved that thing, wish someone would do something like that again.

Posted by Turambar

Jeff's chopstick story was the best.

Posted by RE_Player1

@BlackLagoon said:

The closest thing to an MMO raid FPS is probably the Resistance 2 co-op mode. I loved that thing, wish someone would do something like that again.

Yup that was so awesome and I would also liken it to raiding. The Resistance games are never perfect, often one mode being great and the other being mediocre to bad.