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Weird thought, but I like the new play button. Classy.

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Do not want.

Posted by sixpin

Interesting use of an old Turtles song. I like this trailer.

Posted by TrustyPelletGun

Surprisingly enough, I actually like that version of the song. Nice trailer, but no thanks.

Posted by MeatSim

This trailer is not selling me on this game.

Posted by RTSlord

cool trailer, but i cant stand that song (the version of it, not the original song itself)

Posted by Starstew

I agree with Meatsim.  My enthusiasm for the game just plummeted.  I blame the horrible cover version of that song.

Posted by Cr0ssbow

Huh, that wasn't half bad. Great song choice. I might finally have some interest in this game.

Posted by emem

Nice visuals, but every trailer of this game I've seen so far has it running in slow-motion or with like 15 fps.. I'm really having a hard time watching videos of games that don't run smoothly. Nevertheless I'm still looking forward to it.
Oh and the "watch it again" button does not work for me (Chrome), it only plays the sound and no video at all.

Posted by TheYear20XX

Sorry, Smash Bros still holds the crown for best use of that song.

Posted by swomar

I think that this should've been the only video released for the game, as every other video/trailer was quite underwhelming (which is probably more accurate about the quality of the game).

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nothin' makes be think of The Turtles' "Happy Together" quite like the warrior fantasy setting...nu metal style even......hm.

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Game looks awesome. Song, not so much.

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It's a 'mad world'

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Don't care for the music but the game looks very interesting.

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Fire the guy that chose music for this trailer.

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I'll be lazy and ask here instead of doing a simple search. Does it have local coop? or is it only online coop? 
I am quite interested!
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dont tell me.. this came out 10 yrs ago right ?

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Everypony knows friendship is magic.

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Fits perfectly, right?
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I know the community is split on this. I'm on the liking it side.

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Game looks really cool, but I'm not sold on the voice acting at all.

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I'm in!  
The monsters look fun as hell, and if the gameplay is on par then this game is going to be spectacular.

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I feel like all the trailers for this game should have been this way..

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@Dooops: Yes local coop confirmed :D
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Roll on the crappy clichéd rock music, for the crappy clichéd looking goth hack 'em up

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Want this game to be awesome, I'm not holding out much hope, though.

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the song reminds me of beer more than game

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Game looks kind of OK..? 
This trailer fucking sucked though.

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What a crappy ass trailer!

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It looks pretty cool and the song was quite alright!

Posted by Sammo21

Too much brown...

Posted by ProlificShadow

I think the game looks really fun, but damn that was a terrible cover of that song. The original would have worked better. Just ask Gears of War. 

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There seems to be a wry sort of dark humour going on in this game. I hope the dialogue is up to snuff.