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Posted by big_jon

I love OASIS!!!!!!!
Posted by captain_clayman

is this free?

Posted by Tesla

Good stuff, this and the Vietnam expansion give me a reason to dive back into BC2.  With the releases of Reach and Black Ops I feel like I've neglected it.

Posted by nasher27
@sofacitysweetheart said:
" Oh hey. It's the map that was in the BC1 demo... again. Really? Again? C'mon Dice.
There's a reason it was in the BC1 beta, the BC1 demo, and the full game, which is that it was the best map they created for that game.
Posted by Banshee
@Branthog:  Not until this pack. Though they're not unique maps. 2 of the maps are from the original Bad company. (Harvest day and Oasis.) and 2 are from Bad Company 2's single player. (Cold War and Heavy metal.) 
Posted by Enigma777

Only took em 8 months...

Posted by eug

oooo, timely

Posted by Aeterna
@AddyMac said:
" I love the Battlefield theme. "
You and me. Also just glad to have a reason to play BC2 again with all these other games out right now.
Posted by zityz

This has to be 360 footage... Because theres no way in hell PC runs that smooth online. It's high ping central in that game.

Posted by afrofools

This is my favorite game and I was so excited to get this DLC. However, Ironically I no longer enjoy this game at all. It is painful playing it and being killed by people I shot before they shot me, and having them survive perfectly fine. It really makes me sad. I thought it was my internet connection, turns out it isn't, it must be the distance I am from their servers because I can download something while playing online and occasionally have even less lag than usual. So my gripes aren't DICE's fault. I just want to share my pain story.

Posted by DG991
@Tarsier: They are not charging for stuff... 
Thats something to be excited about... 
except that dam pack they released for $5 on steam... that was bs