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Three office videos in one day? Cool...

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Haha. That was sweet. Nice work, Coonce.

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Aghh!  The creepy little girls.  I thought I'd killed them all.

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okeleyy dokeley!

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That creepy opera got CUT UP!

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cool?, im not sure

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May I buy said record off you?

Posted by ZmillA

drop some horn on that peice, sun

Posted by Zebadee

Haha, nice mix.

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Only on Giant Bomb could a promo soundtrack get re-mixed by a site engineer.

I fucking love this website.
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That... ehm. No thanks.

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FUCK the part with the Little Sister freaked me out.
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Coonce is the complete definition of a "dude."

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This made my day.

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Once if got funky, totally reminded me of that song the diva sings in The Fifth Element.

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More plz

Posted by patrick

I'm always amazed at how much of an actual office the upstairs looks like compared to the basement.

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lol, this is odd

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more office videos

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great stuff guys

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Good stuff.

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More videos of upstairs, please!!

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i want that turntable.

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We need more Coonce

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Coonce gets added to the B team now, along with Drew and Dave. 

I wanna see more B team in the GB videos.

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I laughed when it the music just came back on after the creepy part.

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That man deserve a RAISe his WHEELZ OF STEEL skillz are WICKED SICK...........also CUTE little doggy makes a appereance. <3 the dog

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Brilliant! Your office is fucking sweet.

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You should use the dog in more videos. Perhaps a wrestling match between Lucha Dog and Lucha Deer?

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I wish you guys made videos around the office a daily thing!

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Fucking ace.

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Coonce you are now my hero.

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That's awesome.

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It would've been great if he had cut up some of the Little Sister's part.

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I want to see Jeff's turn table skills.

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Hope to see more of the weird shit you must get from game makers.

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Goddamn Little Sister creeped me out baaad, funny idea though.

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Why do they have a turn table?
Coonce is a pretty good looking guy, in a non gay way.
Also he has pretty decent skills, and I demand someone sends that to the return address of that record.

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That was sick.

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BioShock 2 (Remix).  Make this album and sell it to the masses.  It had to be done.

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Haha. This is great

Posted by JoelTGM

that was creepy! 

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Coones is the man!

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