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Posted by hunterob

Great non sequitur to open a trailer with.

Posted by KontX

When I eventually get a Vita I'm definitely buying this. Ys Seven was my first introduction to the franchise and I loved that game. I felt it was too underrated.

Posted by Amafi

@yadilie: Are all the games in the series as painful at the start as Origin? I hit play and I still don't have control, feels like I've been watching sub-par cutscenes and for some reason an atrocious music video for about 5 hours by now. If there's ever gameplay I just hope it's good, because...fuck.

Posted by darkjester74

You guys! This game is fantastic! Go get it!!! :-D

Posted by redyoshi

This is my first Ys game and I'm loving it. I kind of wish I had gone for the silver edition, the journal might be nice to have.