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Posted by fishmicmuffin

Patrick's face in the promo is awesome.

Posted by VibratingDonkey

I missed it. I blame everyone. Especially you.

Posted by mlarrabee

That was up fast. Insane turnaround, Gentlemen.

Posted by TheMathlete

I didn't even know they were doing one today. I am pleasantly surprised.

Posted by Jackel2072

this game really is so much fun! if i wasn't on a mac i be playing it right now!!!!

Posted by Xyber

Haha, I think that is my jet in the video image.

Posted by RobKenno
@VibratingDonkey: I'm sorry I will commit seppuku after breakfast. :-(
Posted by Tamaster92

only just got into bf3 myself but ya, the mutliplayer is great

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

@mlarrabee said:

That was up fast. Insane turnaround, Gentlemen.

I only came here to say this. Saw it live and enjoyed it, if not quite as much as the last BF3 TNT.

Posted by JoeyRavn

Fuck, I'll cave in. I want to watch yesterday's TNT but I have to study Late Middle English. I'll do both at the same time.

Wish me luck, duders.

Posted by Grissefar

5 minutes in

3 enemies seen

1 kill

1 assist

5 deaths out of nowhere

ugh c'mon Dice

Edited by dagas

BAD COMPANY 2 HAS CONQUEST!! Oh my god why does GB keep acting like it does not?! Talking about BC2 having Rush, but BF3 having both when BC2 also had both. You can choose to only play Conquest if that's your thing. You can play BC2 and not even touch the Rush mode.

They said the same thing during the last BF3 video they had...

Posted by AhmadMetallic

Organizing this shindig and playing (I WAS ON TV WOOOO) was fucking awesome. 
Here's to more TNTs on our server! 

@dagas said:

BAD COMPANY 2 HAS CONQUEST!! Oh my god why does GB keep acting like it does not?! Talking about BC2 having Rush, but BF3 having both when BC2 also had both. You can choose to only play Conquest if that's your thing. You can play BC2 and not even touch the Rush mode.

They said the same thing during the last BF3 video they had...

the BC2 conquest was an afterthought. It's a joke mode with 3 aligned flags bullshit, duder.
Edited by Swoxx

Hopefully this will spark the interest once again for our GB servers, you guys should really play on them more often. We had freaking 64 players and 67 in queue last night, but on the bombing runs we can't even fill the servers, come on people.

Edit: Whoever was my gunner in the chopper at 1:02:38 - That was some awesome airsupport provided by us!

Posted by evilrazer

@Swoxx: I hope so too, it is always more exciting to play with people you know and damn it is fun!

Posted by KingofClassy

I killed norm a few times, I feel good.

Posted by composite

Not only that, if I remember correctly, DICE heavily promoted RUSH in all the promotion for the game, including the demos, and Conquest mode was added after the game launched, I'm pretty sure.

Posted by Extreme_Popcorn

Two Norm kills, a laugh out of Brad and "I like this guy" from Patrick. Best TNT ever!

Posted by teekomeeko

I know they were talking smack about the "other" versions of BF3, with the PC one being the one to play, but I have options and still chose to play on PS3. At least on consoles everyone has the same control handicap, so I'm doing well and enjoying the craziness at the same time. On PC with hardcore mouse/keyboard gamers I'd get crushed day-in-and-day-out, which is essentially the opposite of fun.

Posted by produceman

This is great stuff! Could we get a behind the scenes look of how a quick look is made, or a behind the scenes look of a TNT?

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Very fast upload! BF3 was a blast, watching it life. Norm as a player of the Karkand maps was also a very good choice.

Posted by MisterChief

Can someone tell me when Norm shoots down the jet as I don't really want to watch the whole thing?

Posted by GS_Dan

I was up at the top of the leaderboard in the pre-event games, immediately did terrible when 3000 people were watching :l

Posted by zerdune

@MisterChief: 01:04:45

Posted by Thor_Molecules

This game is just beautiful to watch people play, great choice for TNT.

Posted by Sveppi

Had a blast playing :D Thanks everyone

Posted by MisterChief

@zerdune said:

@MisterChief: 01:04:45


Posted by Nihilius

The Sims 4 on Frostbite 2.

Make it so.

Posted by jayjonesjunior
Posted by Hyperfludd
Posted by mewarmo990

It was great to see the GB/Tested server full for once! I had a great time playing, Hope the stuff comes on more often!

(Norm killed me :P)

Posted by vonFlampanker

Thanks for this, had a great time actually participating in TNT!

Proof: vonFlampanker killcam at 1:17:42 or so.

Posted by Ewy

Watching this made me realise how bad my ping was. Over 400 most of the time. Despite being in the UK that still seems pretty high.

Posted by Cirdain
Posted by Cirdain
Posted by Frobitz

I love in Battlefield when you're the MG guy in a tank or otherwise along for the ride, it can become the worst or best on-rails shooter suddenly =D

Posted by AlexW00d

@MisterChief said:

@zerdune said:

@MisterChief: 01:04:45


He doesn't shoot it down by the way.

Posted by PaulKemp

Just had to pause the video tot ell you this Ryan: you are looking damn good in 2012! What a snazzy mustache!

Edited by Lt_Kernel

Really enjoyed this weeks TNT. Hope to see the GB servers less empty from now on.

Posted by andrewf87462

Whats the Giantbomb server called. Did a search for Giantbomb but it found nothing?

Posted by falling_fast

wonder how scalable this game is.

Edited by fetchfox

First thing I thought of when seeing Ryans hairdo

Posted by JOURN3Y

I am theJOURN3Y! Hear me ROAR (and revive Norm)

Edited by Dberg

Probably said already, but the Battlefield 1942 Wake Island Demo is still alive and being played by someone.

Woah, turns out I totally played Codename Eagle. Man, that game felt groundbreaking in a world where we didn't yet have Battlefield. I remember giant fights in the cargobay and cockpit of a player controlled blimp. Dudes trying to run away with said blimp, and other dudes filling it up with mustard gas. Also: crazy airplane crash landings.

Posted by Tondo

BF3 looks so good on PC. Damn, if only I had a proper PC to run it on :(

Loved that it was Norm playing this time. Got to see some more serious take on BF multiplayer.

Posted by beard_of_zeus

I forgot that this was a thing! Gonna check it out now.

Posted by TinyGrasshopper

Why does Ryan hate Android? Has he tried the Galaxy Nexus? Has he tried ICS? It's awesome.

(On the hobbyist development front I'm a fan of not having to pay a fee to test my software on a device, which last time I checked you have to do on iPhone)

Posted by PandaShake

God 1942...Played so much of it. I'm still hoping for some naval combat in battlefield's future.

Posted by GenesisZ

Loved 2142 for the record...

Posted by StriderJ87

Wooo! Took first on my team for the match I played in, AND I got to shoot the distinguished Norman Chan a few times!

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