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Ahh.  I didn't get the quest :( 

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Love TNT
Even if I don't get first.

Posted by Dany

glad to see brad joined in on the fun

Posted by nomorehalfmeasuresdoctor


Posted by Dany

3 gigs in HD! If only i was on campus

Posted by Th3_James


Posted by mak_wikus

It was free, like, 20 minutes ago. Note to self: Never decide to watch TNT after the shorter stuff.

Posted by Anthony

I enjoy these TNTs more than the Friday shows. Thanks for putting these up in HD

Posted by TopCat

yay love tnt i wasnt able to join jeff squad but i manage to join the match and play on oposite team and i was the first dude to stab jeff on the face uh uh uh uh uh

Posted by ShakeItBaby


Posted by AllanIceman

I still need to finish watching this.

Posted by Bucketdeth

Killzone 3 is fucking great, more people need to buy it.

Posted by kerse

Is that TV on the floor propped up against the coffee table? wtf

Posted by Volgin13
@Bucketdeth: Too bad Bulletstorm came out at the same time. 
Posted by chickdigger802

can't just be me, but watching someone else play killzone 3 hurts my brain.  

Posted by Yummylee

Wasn't one of their best TNTs. Not enough Infiltrator!

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Love TNT, big fan! And thanks for the HD! 
Edit: Well 30 minutes of this should be enough - not a great TNT but guess you can't win them all

Posted by EgoCheck616
@Volgin13 said:
" @Bucketdeth: Too bad Bulletstorm came out at the same time.  "
Too bad Bulletstorm has such a gimped multiplayer experience. 
Besides, we all know Bulletstorm's sales will shine on 360. 
They're into that meat bullet nonsense.
Posted by Gabriel

I'll be sure to be at THE LIONS DEN.

Posted by Detergenttripod

This makes me want to get the game more than i used to

Posted by JacDG

I spent all my time following Jeff around, trying to revive him whenever he went down in that fist Warzone match, pretty good fun actually even though he didn't thank me enough! :D

Posted by Ronald

I think I might start watching the videos after they are posted to the site more because it looks so much better. And Killzone 3 is pretty fun.

Posted by Zanthox

Oh my goodness, the Baldur's Gate jokes nearly killed me. I want some more of that!

Posted by waypoetic

"waypoetic, it's a good name". Thank you guys :)

Posted by Overwatch

Wow, and I thought Jeff was great at shooters. But I imagine it must be hard talking in front of cameras and playing at the same time...

Posted by RecallBerserk
Bulletstorm is Unreal Engine drivel only fools go crazy over. I thoughly disliked my Bulletstorm experience.
Posted by Majkiboy

WTF??? TNT now not free?.. I am very disappoint :(

Posted by SuperSambo
@Majkiboy said:
" WTF??? TNT now not free?.. I am very disappoint :( "
Free where it has always been stored, just not on the giantbomb website.
Posted by DG991
@SuperSambo: Which I will repeat, still sucks if you want to watch it on your smart phone which is what I always do.... or used to... grrrrr
Posted by scottygrayskull

I'm going to make a button/patch/pin that says "Can I talk to you about video games?"

Posted by MeatSim

What a grimy looking game.

Posted by AURON570

WTF since when was TNT Members only?!

Posted by NorseDudeTR
Man, Killzone is numero uno on my list of games that are technically superior, control well, nicely paced, and universally lauded, and still BUM ME OUT. That is one depressive-ass game, I couldn't take more than half of KZ2, and I couldn't take more than ten mins of this TNT. Which is a crying shame, seeing as TNTs are totes rad.
Posted by Nushi

if you watch this video in low quality jeff's hair cut makes the whole video look like a 90's infomercial
Posted by zombiesatemycereal
@AURON570: since never. watch it on justin.tv
Posted by RazielCuts

Thursday Night Throwdown is a members only service but I could watch it on the Live Stream?

Posted by spazmaster666
@RazielCuts said:
" Thursday Night Throwdown is a members only service but I could watch it on the Live Stream? "
These and other similar comments seems to me that a lot of people have not been watching TNTs in the past as if they did, they would know that up until a couple of weeks ago, they were NEVER available as an archive on the site. Also it almost makes me wish that these members-only video would only show up for members so that we don't get more of these stupid/annoying comments.
Posted by ThePantheon

Thank you guys again so much for putting this up for archive.
Glad to be a yearly member, homebres

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Posted by PhantomGardener
@Volgin13 said:
" @Bucketdeth: Too bad Bulletstorm came out at the same time.  "
Too bad indeed. Having too much fun with that game.
Posted by DemiGodRaven

That guy is a fan of Porcupines! And Trees!
 I chuckled at that. Porcupine Tree is an awesome band, never thought I'd see a reference made to them in a TNT though.

Posted by austinmiller

Anybody else having trouble downloading this in HD?  i tried doing the other ones (Low, Med, High) but HD isn't working for me

Posted by KarateKid
I could download it in HD, but only stream in high for some reason
Posted by buft

watched this live, this game looks hectic, maybe its just how Jeff was playing but seriously didn't seem like there was ever a moment he wasn't getting shot at. Good night and it convinced me that I need to pay these guys.

Posted by Moth_Pope

Loved the sign off for this one with Ryan. :D 
"Dave, I hope that I get to see you tomorrow. Finger's crossed after tonight! At... The Lion's Den." 
Good TNT. Glad they're being archived.

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Brad has long thumbs. 

Posted by xCharlieSheen

" Has Killzone 3 surpassed Uncharted 2 as best looking PS3 game?" What? God of War 3 is better than both, as far as visuals.

Posted by pwnmachine

TNT is the best thing since sliced BREADS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edited by Romination

Good lord, the Killzone theme makes me think of Jurassic Park a helluva lot.

SPAWN CAMPING!? in 2011?!
Posted by Shadow

Jeff with pants is kind of freaking me out

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