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fantastic TNT!
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Great TNT after a grind of FPS games.

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One of the best TNTs and it made me get back into the game too.

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This was possibly the most uniquely bizarre TNT so far.  Hopefully their desire to get away from FPS TNTs leads to more like this one.

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I adore this game. Too bad I was asleep during TNT, otherwise I would've showed up in my TARDIS!

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Fantastic TNT, guys. Apart from anything involving Starcraft, this one was definitely the most entertaining so far.

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brand new games and insightful commentary can be great, but wackiness and the guys who are playing having a good time are what makes a TNT for me and this was a superb example
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I angered Brad. I feel bad.

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Great game, I was invited but my 360 lagged. DAMMIT!

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Thanks people who rejoined games, blocking those who hadn't played out. Really considerate :/

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This was an amazing TNT, would recommend watching to anyone if they don't usually catch up on the live events. 

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It was a lot of fun.

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Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts revival 2011!!

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Yay I was in that TNT!!!  I hate that I actually am happy because there is a video of a vehicle I drove in a video game on a website...

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I was in this one! Got second place though.

Edit: Wow, I had no idea I rammed into Brad. I said that.
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Oh man wtf? Of all the TNTs to miss, I have to miss the one where they play a game I worked on.
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This was a crazy night.

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Does Sessler show up?

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This video makes me want to fire the game up again and try to collect more things.

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@ssylvan:  Ha, irony. What did you do for Nuts & Bolts?
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Pretty much all over the graphics programming stuff and general tech.
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I especially liked the part with the questions.

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Great TNT, the last three have been super fun.

How likely is it that I would still find Bombers online if I picked up a copy of this?
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That Recognizer was pretty badass. 

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@ssylvan:  Very cool. It's always neat to see developers among us on Giant Bomb. Good work as well, the game is great all around.
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I love the replay where the guy completes the challenge in 3 seconds using a spring.

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@GlenTennis said:
" I especially liked the part with the questions. "
I liked the part where Ryan kept talking over him, because man, that guy seemed like a dick.

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I really wanted to show off my death tank in combat. Oh well!

Super fun TNT! If Ryan gave a quicker headsup, I would have had the time to come up something far more creative than a tank with infinite ammo.

Also, no prizes? :( At least the tron regulator  deserves one!

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This makes me want to finally open my $10 copy of Banjo and give it a whirl.

The most entertaining TNT by FAR, and Ihope it gets revisited in the future.

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Best TNT in a long time.

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Will Smith drinking Duvel? My Belgian heart is filled with joy!

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This TNT was fantastic. Very refreshing.

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Access to paid members only? But I'm watching it on Justin TV - and have tried 8 times from the UK to buy annual membership

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Damn. I always forget to watch this live.

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More conspicuous Zojirushi product placement....

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This TNT makes me want to buy Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

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@Renegade1973 said:
" Access to paid members only? But I'm watching it on Justin TV - and have tried 8 times from the UK to buy annual membership "
The archive on Giant Bomb is for members only, but the Justin TV archive is still free for everyone.

As for your membership issue - some UK banks don't like overseas payments, so it might not work. Paying for memberships via paypal is now an option via the whiskey media store, and that should work with just about any bank account or credit/debit card you throw at it, so you should give that a shot.
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This one had it all;
*pure Brad rage
*Will smith being, Will smith
*Ryan Davis being, yup, Ryan Davis.
*one simple mistake in-game ruins everything in a positively entertaining way
*Vinny makes an appearance
*Total on-screen madness
*Replays of mission records being broken in seconds
*Did I mention that Recognizer?

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Can only think what Jeff reactions would have been during this TNT.

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So does everyone have trouble loading long videos under progressive mode? In the past this hasn't been a problem, probably for the last month or so anything over an hour causes issue.

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@digitalsea87:  A dream vacation for me is to do a beer drinking tour of France and Belgium.
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Also, regarding the last question: Rare made Kinect Sports.
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Best TNT.

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I wanna watch this!!!!!  :(