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Posted by Ghost_Bear


Posted by KarlPilkington
@Ghost_Bear said:
" cool "
You're cool...wait.
Posted by Sayishere

boom, although i was there at the live stream, i literally fell asleep (probably due to the tennis and also that it was like 2 am in the uk)

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Posted by DarkFury

Really need to start watching these live again, but they're so handily uploaded to the site!

Posted by BradGrenz

When did Lou Diamond Philips join Whiskey Media?

Posted by YoThatLimp

I was just thinking about how I wished Drew or Vinny would post this.  Thanks Drew, honestly makes my Friday mornings at work awesome.

Posted by CptBedlam

That was some pretty violent tennis last night.

Posted by Monk

The game associated with this video is Mortal Kombat, I wonder if they are going to play it :P

Posted by krabboss

10th! or so

Posted by MrCandleguy

I wish I could watch these live, stupid time zones.

Posted by Swoxx


Posted by Chris2KLee

The image alone has me hyped. I'll DL this tonight and watch while I eat dinner.

Posted by craigbo180

Shout outs to Mike Tennis.

Posted by WickedCobra03

I really wish I could start participating, but have been busy every thursday night. :(

I kind of like these Tennis games too , so I would have loved to join in!

Posted by HibikiRush


Posted by MrMuscle

Wow they really didnt enjoy Brink did they? I would think that it would be an obvious choice for this weeks TNT.
Posted by Yanngc33

3rd MK TNT :D

Posted by kalakov

Is it just me, or is Jeff kinda uneasy everytime he sits next to Coonce ?

Posted by RVonE
@kalakov said:
                Is it just me, or is Jeff kinda uneasy everytime he sits next to Coonce ?

It's you.
Posted by DjCmeP

Maybe next week you guys could do a 3rd person shooter? Dead Space 2, Gta 4, Gears of War?

Because watching someone play a sportsgame or a first person shooter is pretty boring. Didn't the dreamcast have online too? You should play some games also with that.
Posted by ScreamingFist

Now I'm really hungry for McDonald's nuggets @_@

Posted by Creamypies
@DjCmeP: I'm with you on GTAIV... but watching someone play Gears or Dead Space 2 is pretty much identical to watching an FPS.
Posted by dropabombonit

Watched this live and it was the perfect cure for my stomach bug

Posted by bhhawks78

You know brink sucks when GB would rather play ONE guy in tennis.

Also I'll watch TNT literally any game 
Posted by BooDoug187
@kalakov said:
" Is it just me, or is Jeff kinda uneasy everytime he sits next to Coonce ? "
Coonce is a sexy beast, you would be uneasy next to him too!
Posted by chilibean_3

Nobody beats Mike Tennis.

Posted by FesteringNeon

Oh god I thought Coonces top was real in the video screenshot. That would make for an awesome full design.

Posted by ApolloBob

Found a Mike Tennis on Facebook (I'm bored at work this morning).

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Man I couldn't get to watch it live yesterday because way too many viewers, I guess this will have to do.

Posted by GlenTennis

I think I have to find this Mike Tennis guy and have a few words with him...

Posted by Ventilaator

Mcnugget eating scrub league GOOOOOO

Posted by rjayb89

Coonce is sexually threatening.

Posted by RenegadeSaint

I feel litigation coming on for Ryan's terrible recommendations regarding blood pressure medication.

Posted by MeatSim

Nobody wants to play a tennis game? shocker.

Posted by jozzy

Coonce really didn't know about PSN being down?

Posted by MrKlorox

TNT is dead to me until Mount and Blade makes an appearance.

Posted by Mooseslayer

There should be some sort of eating contest included with TNT every week. All this talk of the 100 Mcnuggets made me really want to see it.

Posted by Troncek

Quest please!

Posted by SonicFire

I love MK...so more fighting is great.


Yeah Jeff, there's been a lot of playing you've missed in 2 weeks. C'mon bud, DEFENSE!!

Posted by falling_fast

I like how the game underneath the video is Mortal Kombat.

how irrelevant is Virtua Tennis
Posted by pwnmachine
@jozzy: lol yeah what gives?
Posted by Zecriah
@Chabbs0: lol

Posted by Vigil80

No way, I just listened to the best of recap of the last year of the HotSpot podcast, and they mention the 100 nugget challenge, almost verbatim. Ryan really has had this challenge on the table forever.

Posted by Hizang
Posted by SoledadBrother

 Mike Tennis!!

Posted by Duke_of_IRL

Virtua Davis looks kinda like the perfect egg guy from Clerks 1, just needs the moustache.

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Where's Shaun been for the last few weeks? I thought he worked for a video games website?
Also, great SAS t-shirt Jeff, anyone know where he bought it from?

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@Vinny, my good man. What's happening at about 40:25 on the HD version? There's a full-screen blurring every half a second.
I'd guess the encoder has gone crazy with keyframes, but I can't think why it'd suddenly do that. It doesn't seem like a thing that happens because there hasn't been a natural scene change for a while, because there was one right before this occurs. However, I've seen it happen in other videos and at other moments in this TNT.

It seems to go until there is a lot of movement on screen, which is another reason I suspect some weird keyframing issue.
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