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Da Bears.

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Excellent. I missed this.

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Glad I have tomorrow off to watch all this content I missed in the last couple of days.

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I hate my internet.

It would be cool to see stuff like this live but I can't because of crappy adsl :|

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God dammit amazon, why do you never give me full speed on GB?

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Bear Rush and Zerg Rush really need their own combo page under the "RTS Unit Rush" concept.
Zerg Bears are truly fearsome foes. 

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GRRR I missed this.. tupid TF2 :(Also WOOT for the return of gold medals:)

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Well I got my arse kicked in the first game :P

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I tried to join, had a killer tactic ready to steal the show :/

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Great episode, always nice to see Greg and fun to see RA3 again.

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My tactic would have been to get one or two of the carrier units on the empire side full of engineers. Then cloak it as one of the enemies or (better yet) their allies units then take over their base.

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Good TNT!

Bring on the Greg, listening to him is always a pleassure.

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So good to see Greg Kasvin with Jeff and Ryan, like the old days. I'm addicted to all his old reviews on Gamespot, he usually reviews all the genre breaking games.

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HD HTML5 won't play here. Progressive does.

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dolphin skeleton :(

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Red Alert 3 > SC2- JUST SAYIN

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Gavin said he's rusty but it looks like he's doing just fine

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Who else was there when the fire alarm cut off the Oblivion marathon??? I cried like a little girl when Greg left Gamespot. So naturally this is one of the best TNT:s I've ever watched. Can't wait for Bastion to come to PC.

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Gavin looks like keanu reeves. Greg Kasavin is a fascinating man. CNC3 is a boring game to watch, I know it can't always be the shooters and the fast paced action games, but...
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The only time I've wanted to see something "premium" on this site. Oh well. :\

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Why is a TNT premium only?

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@BeardyDuck: It's only premium if you watch it on GiantBomb after its aired. Watch it live and you can watch it free or you can watch it archived on Justin.tv

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Any good RTS should have a [unit name] rush strategy, if only for the pure joy of seeing a wall of units rushing somewhere, no matter if they're efficient or not. The extremely small scale is what's wrong with DOW2 and C&C4.

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Red Alert 3 was actually a really good game. Felt a lot more like Red Alert 2 and a lot less like C&C3 (and 4, thankfully). The required campaign coop (be it ai or player) on the other hand...meh, wasnt that great

edit: ill add my vote for a PSN version!

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Not a fan of playing RTS games myself, but I like watching them on TNT. Like the SC2 ones, this was a very entertaining QL.

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Goddamn bear touchers...

I love watching RTS games on TNT, because I don't have the stomach to play them competitively any more. I also love the commentary, especially when they play SCII.

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This is really insightful stuff.

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Bastion was awesome. Already beaten it several times. At this point, as an indie developer who's just now beginning work on his first serious game, these guys are basically my heroes :P So it's always nice to see them return to the GB couch.

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I would never play RTS games, but they always make for good watching on gb even though I don't know what's going on.

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The GG at the end was perfect.

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But still a fun TNT.

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This is my favorite TNT of all time, but then again I actually understand every single thing that's going on in the game. So maybe not for everyone, but for me fuuuccck yeah that was cathartic.

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a good TNT, the RTS TNT's continue to be the best ones, followed second by fighting game TNT's

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RTS games dont really float my boat, so im finding this TNT kinda boring.

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@BelligerentEngine said:

This is my favorite TNT of all time, but then again I actually understand every single thing that's going on in the game. So maybe not for everyone, but for me fuuuccck yeah that was cathartic.

Never played this games so I was like IDK WHATS HAPPENING BUT SHIT IS BLOWING UP the whole time. Still enjoyed it though.

Speaking of retro RTS game TNTs, they should do a SCBW one.

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Most enjoyable TNT. regarding the Red Alert 2+ haters: I loved red alert 1 because it was (a) fascinating science fiction and (b) tied explicitly to the Command and Conquer universe in the ending cinematic. I was clearly in the minority, as the the sequels did not feature either. However, red alert 2 was very good, and I'm sure I would have enjoyed red alert 3 if I still played RTS games. I suppose the only difference between me and the haters is that I don't consider the red alert branding a sacred cow, it produced two very different but enjoyable games (that i played). but now that I think of it, a REAL red alert 1 sequel would be nice, maybe called red alert 1-1...

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This game looks amazing.

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@GrandMarshal said:

a good TNT, the RTS TNT's continue to be the best ones, followed second by fighting game TNT's

Especially when narrated by people who know their stuff.

Also, Red Alert 3 looks pretty great - both visually and gameplay wise. Might have to pick this up myself. Love the crazy unit design and damn, that water is sweet.

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Not enough bears for? have some more.

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This was awesome! Red Alert is my favorite series.

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Eh, these Supergiant Games guys are pretty awkward on camera.

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Don't forget that Greg used to be Ryan and Jeff's boss and he's also Russian. ;) It's kinda strange when you realise these things.

Great video guys, I was hooked from start to finish; thank you!

Also, gonna drop a load a Sputniks on yo ass boyyyy!

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Yuri's Revenge had a third faction.