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Posted by Antikythera

Well that was quick

Posted by spankingaddict

Can't wait to watch this !

Posted by Shaunage

I didn't watch this, because I was too busy playing Borderlands 2.

Posted by Tunnelman

Glad to see the video starts immediately rather than a minute of a black screen!

Posted by A_Deep_Mushroom

The audio is off a tad. I could be wrong though...

Posted by eccentrix

I forgot it was Thursday and slept through this. Thanks, and !

Posted by Nightriff

Watching this tonight at work, can't wait, hope it is funny

Edited by Odog4ever

@A_Deep_Mushroom: Naw that shit is about a second off. Almost wish they wouldn't fix it. More lols that way...

Posted by hussatron

Yeah, the audio is off a bit. The twitch archive seems fine though.

Posted by Akyho

@A_Deep_Mushroom said:

The audio is off a tad. I could be wrong though...

It is off for me aswell.

Posted by PDXSonic

Haha I loved when the first person challenged Jeff to a duel.

Posted by ajamafalous

That was fast

Posted by csl316

Nice and beefy this week, cool.

Posted by WesleyWyndam


Sucks to download a 3gb. file only to realize the audio is out of sync.

Posted by cyber95

@WesleyWyndam: I only download it when it's out of sync. I can then sync it in VLC.

Posted by StriderJ87

The hilarious hi-jinx of Vinny never cease to entertain.

Edited by bluefoxxy

Heres the thing: If audio has desynched so many times after loading.... Why..... Not..... Just synch it right and upload rather than.... You know.... Uploading it like this.

Edit: I redact my last statement. Works great in HTML5. Now I feel dumb. I love u guys plz dont hate me.

Posted by Wraithken

The sound isn't synched. Why does this seem to happen so often?

Posted by Jackel2072

Color is messed up for me, on the game feed. Audio seems fine

Posted by iamgamegenie

I just pretend its a japanese dub. WAY better like this.

Posted by Mr. Kamikaze

Question: Do I need to have played Borderlands to understand anything story wise for Boderlands 2?

Posted by envane

@Mr. Kamikaze: you wont get every single reference , but there is some stuff they do reference , not that its all that important , you could read the plot of borderlands 1 on a wiki and not lose out much ..

Posted by rjayb89

I put it at about -400 ms audio delay. Press J repeatedly in VLC.

Posted by galloughs

Looks like the audio is just slightly out of sync. Just enough to drive me totally nuts!

Posted by deerokus

@Mr. Kamikaze said:

Question: Do I need to have played Borderlands to understand anything story wise for Boderlands 2?

The story in Borderlands is fairly minimal, just an excuse for what happens rather than anything you care about. Just dive in.

Posted by WesleyWyndam

@rjayb89: Thanks! I use VLC but didn't realize this was there.

Posted by MEATBALL

Goddamn Tokyo Jungle looks so rad.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

@bluefoxxy: The sound when I use HTML5 theater is still a little under 0.5 seconds off for me. Thankfully most of the video doesn't show them talking.

Posted by FoxMulder

NO FUCKING WAY....A TNT that was actually two hours?

Posted by bmeason

A random thing occured. This sound byte was playing on repeat the moment I started the TNT, it has become my official soundtrack to this tnt. Works well, anyone care to try it out :D ?!


Great show as always, thanks GBC!

Posted by bkbroiler

man i'm glad they decided to play more tokyo jungle! that game looks insane.

Posted by bushlemon


Posted by spilledmilkfactory

Damn it, now I have to buy Tokyo Jungle. Also, Patrick doesn't know the difference between a lion and a tiger, or what a quiche is. Love you Patrick but... Wat.

Edited by Sin4profit

Was so busy with Borderlands 2 that i completely forgot about TNT.

Posted by JJOR64


Posted by MeldingPlague

If anyone is having any audio sync issues with the download file: open it in VLC, click tools, click track synchronization, and hasten or delay the audio by a click or two (depending on what looks best). Worked for me.

Posted by simkas

I was with Jeff on the freaking out part when Vinny animated that woman's head over Ryan

Posted by DjCmeP

Audio is off sync

Posted by DeF

"When you spell Hip Hop the H is always capital" - KRS One

You failed Tokyo Jungle, you failed. :(

Posted by NoobSauceG7

What is with all these audio sync problems?

Posted by BasketSnake

Borderlands 2 PC is insanely cool.

Posted by Death_Burnout

@FoxMulder said:

NO FUCKING WAY....A TNT that was actually two hours?

NO ONE SAY ANYTHING. In hopes they don't realise and do it again next week.

Posted by Quarters

So glad that they did Tokyo Jungle in this too. Would've been crazy boring without it.

Posted by xite

Patrick can't tell the difference between a lion and a tiger.

Posted by morrelloman

Awesome this is up. I wish I was further in the story.

Posted by benu302000

audio lag

Posted by beard_of_zeus


Goddamn Tokyo Jungle looks so rad.

Truth! Glad Patrick played it during this TNT. I'm gonna buy the shit out of this game on Tuesday.

Posted by falling_fast

there are a lot of weird technical issues in this video. guess they're still getting stuff back to normal post-blls:l

Posted by JayCee

You know- Tokyo Jungle does look rad, but also aggravating as hell. The grind just looks crippling. Two plus hours in and there are still only the first two animals unlocked from a list of 40? Ugh.

Posted by chiablo


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