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Posted by Tesson

WOOT first 

Posted by ScottG13

If Diablo III is going to take 14 years to develop, might as well release a few clones along the way.

Posted by Jimbo_N

Just reinstalled Diablo 2 to dampen my Diablo 3 hunger. Looks like I can switch to this in October. Looks sweet as a way to kill the time to D3.
Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Finally some content!

Posted by cyrax

Saw this on RPS a few days ago. New trailer though. There haven't been enough good action rpgs lately.

Posted by anklebreaker

hehe looks alright, since d3 goner be a long wait

Posted by giyanks22

I'll call it Diablo 2.5, since DIII won't be out till Blizzard finishes up with Starcraft. My guess Diablo III'll make it out some time in 2011 or 2012.

Posted by Gamer_152

Looks okay, I don't really feel like this is a game I can get excited about though.

Posted by Metiphis

Not feeling the art style.

Posted by galfisk

Diablo gameplay, and WoW art style. OH SHI-

Posted by MeatSim

This will be good for Diablo fans since Diablo 3 won't be out for another decade.

Edited by TheGremp

The art style looks Meh, and the voice acting was atrocious.  Then again, I'm not really a Diablo fan in the first place.

Posted by thedj93

I would've prefered if it didnt also ape the isometric perspective
Posted by Milkman

How to make a fantasy RPG:
Step 1- Rip off the World of Warcraft art style
Step 2- Rip off the Diablo combat system
Step 3- ????
Step 4- Profit.

Posted by Media_Master

nothing original about this

Posted by Andborn
@Metiphis: Know what you mean, I don't like the way they've stylized this.
Posted by LordKorax

That chick sounds like she's 60 years old.

Posted by pause422

Not everyone who is waiting for Diablo 3 will take the first game similar to it and be satisified, regardless of how many people seem to think that for some odd reason.

Posted by Bjorn

Generic with a capital G!

Posted by Ubiquitous

I am not amused. There is no way that I would get this game over borderlands.
Posted by Inquisitor

They nailed the ambient music style for the genre, reminds me so much of D2 act IV. 
But personally i find steam-punk is SO done nowadays, i wish they'd move back to the classic high fantasy.
Posted by Crayman
Same composer dude, and some of the same developers. 
Posted by DonPixel

i bought this an its quite adictive, good fun for 20 dlls