Posted by Milkman

Game of the show.

Posted by Nasar7

This is the best title ever, especially for a pool game.

Posted by Psynapse

...its pool... like... it looks good... but... i duno...

Posted by PostmarkJ

Jaw dropping HD and subwoofer strangling crap audio mix!  Why can't f'ing people learn to roll off subtones and normalize?

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Oh man, Yahoo Pool is goin' down!

Posted by Jayzilla

just go shoot some effing pool for the love of all things good. at least then you are out with friends having beers and hitting on ladies. if you aren't into that kind of thing, well then play this.

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

As soon as virtual pool can serve me up a Malibu and diet Pepsi, then maybe I'll stop playing at the local bars.

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Posted by TwoOneFive

Just like the real thing, but better looking, 

dude, he aint lying, that looks really good!
Posted by Balmor89

Jaw dropping HD is right! Do you see how round and smooth those balls look?

Posted by RoboRobb

Those are some nice shiny balls!! sorry.

Posted by MeatSim

Hustling! Hustling!
That ghost sure does like playing pool.

Posted by LordAndrew

Yeah, it looks nice. But why don't these games ever show people!? It's not particularly realistic if the pool cue is just floating in the air.
According to the game's senior producer they have plans for PlayStation Home, so hopefully we'll get that there.

Posted by soitb

P4 Endurance Run Represent 
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Nooooo! Don't put characters in there, it's the ultimate flaw for a pool game. Who wants to wait for a character to walk around the table and position himself for the next shot? Balls to that (pun fully intended!), I just wanna take my shots quickly and with style without having to look at some muppet dummy with a dead hand trying to hold a cue. It's an arcade game, don't slow it down with pointless clutter FFS! Listen to me Sony, don't you dare cause I'm really looking forward to this and that'd just ruin it.

Posted by Media_Master

now thats a purty game

Posted by paulunga

That's the game I'll have to settle for, then. I don't really know what "just like the real thing but better looking" is supposed to mean, aren't they striving for realism?