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Simanimals Now with Lions

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did Afrika ever come out over here?

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Well I know I am never playing this game that's for sure.

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Gotta love that dust cloud put in place of visceral killing.

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Ryan must be so pumped they're making a sequel. Meerkats emit happy energy too!

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"talk into the mic"
But nothing will happen.

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thats right you too cna rub zebra ass (time mark 26 sec.)

I've never seen animals on drugs before, this could be interesting

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am i the only one who wants an incredibly violent and gory zoo sim?

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This is what Pink Floyd would see if he imagined Africa.  Sold.

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@Brendan: first, pink floyd is a band, not a person. second, how can you not already know that if you're going to reference them in that way?
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I'm tired of Sim"something" series...

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Not really something I'd be into, but the first thing I thought was "my niece and nephews would totally dig this."  I'm old. :(

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Will this outdo WolfQuest?

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I feel bad just for looking at the trailer. I'm glad Wright is out of EA now. Hopefully, he can steer away from this stuff, granted he still does games.

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I have never played any of the "Sim______" games outside of the SimCity and The Sims franchises and I don't think this game is going to change that trend.

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@DrDemon said:
" did Afrika ever come out over here? "
I think there was an announcement that it is coming.
As for this trailer.. Eh.
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Funny since I thought the main portion of the trailer was running
on the DS hardware which would make it pretty good looking,
and then it said ALSO AVAILABLE FOR DS! and .. ugh.

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Man, all these years and I thought it was I miss the rains down in Africa. Learn something new everyday at Giant Bomb!

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looks like its made for kids

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Oh hell naaahh.

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It's an interesting concept, but it seems to be poorly done.

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This is the elephant abuse edition..

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HUNT down the animals BROS safari STYLE you know how it is BLAM BLAM

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Good lord this looks terrible.

Trailer also loses huge points for not being set to Toto's "Africa".

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 This looks like a cross  between, spore, black and white and viva pinata almost.
Still looks good!