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This game looks awesome. It really looks unique.

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This game's PR guy sucks.  I completely forgot about this game.

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I would rather have invisibility, don't make those decisions for me Capcom!

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"Stand in front of this glowing vagina while you talk."

If the characters in the game look anywhere near as creepy as the developers, I'm in.

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I'm interested to see how this one turns out.  It could be really fun, but it could also be just another shooter with some tacked-on cover mechanics... but it's from a lot of the folks who made Crimson Skies, so I'm hopeful.

Posted by Jeffrey

Why after all that actual gameplay did they have to leave us with a pre-rendered cutscene that looks way better then the actual game!? desu desu.

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I really hope they have some cool weapons cuz that machine gun they keep showing looks really lame.

Posted by Parsnip

It's going to be pretty awesome.
Also, Bear McCreary music, even more awesome.

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That first guy's teeth are really bad looking.

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I just want the soundtrack.

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The flight combat in Crimson Skies was a lot of fun so I think these guys know what there doing when it comes down to flight combat.

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the actual music in the game is great but other sound effects suck... when he bashed that guy u barely felt it and the guns are mediocre at best... sound sooo weak. But otherwise seems cool

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i hope the game is good but i have a feeling its gonna be underwhelming

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Games that introduce us to new, novel ideas for games.  This is what I wanna play.

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Not for me, the combat looked pretty boring.

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I'd rather be invisible with an invisible jet-pack

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The graphics look superb and i'm totally hyped for this game!

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vertical combat certainly looks interesting

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I'm hoping the story elements will carry me through, because now that I've seen more of the combat it doesn't look as appealing to me as it did earlier.
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This game is racism against robots!!!!

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Dark Void looks like a really cool game, much cooler than it looked when it was first unveiled. :)

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This game looks interesting. I hope "vertical combat" doesn't become a novelty that the game beats to death while trying too hard to be the next new, big, original thing. Good old-fashioned killing still has to feel right.

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@TheMustacheHero said:
" That first guy's teeth are really bad looking. "
That's all I can look at now :\
that one tooth..it's so dark and black...gross
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Looks like it might be better than I thought it would be. Cool.

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Their initial description of early builds for this game sound kind of like Just Cause.

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looks original

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This game looks pretty awesome.

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@MyPSNisDylanMMc said:
" I'd rather be invisible with an invisible jet-pack "
I'd rather be invisible with a VISIBLE jetpack. It would scare the crap outta me.

 The animation for the full paced jetpack look really, really, good.