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Thank you, but our Statue Of Liberty is in another castle.

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Best video ever, in the history of Giant Bomb

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exciting stuff

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Haha, worth the initial bewilderment.

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I laughed

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Wow! So, you guys made a video of the credits to a game just for the sake of one penis joke...I love it!

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Yea. That might be the mot incredible piece of video ever recorded on the internets.
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That's almost as good as Dang Mahn. Pho sho'.

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Wha-BAM!!! There it is.

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Hello Game Content Manager.
shirt. now.

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what an excellent use of bandwidth.

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Hehehe... Ding Dong.

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This was totally worth 1 minute and 12 seconds of my life.

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Where's your commentary on the dope track that accompanies the credits, Brad?

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That was funny

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This vid should have a spoiler alert!

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any body else go to Ding Dong's page?

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I guess all those programmers was the original reason Ubisoft wanted $15 for it!!!  But in all truth its a fun remake of the original and I'm really enjoying playing it over Xbox Live.

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@truebornracer said:
" Hello Game Content Manager.      shirt. now. "
I'd buy one.
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I was waiting for a climax. I was not disapointed.

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Not as awesome as

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@Slayeric said:
"Hehehe... Ding Dong. "

Same here.
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Ah man, had me rolling.
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Bah. Spoilers!

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lol that actually was pretty funny

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Totally worth it.

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Does that mean a review/quicklook is coming? I really want to know what's giantbomb's staff reaction to this game.

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Ding Dong the witch is dead.
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I get it... like the Hostess snack!  Oh those guys and their Ghostbusters references...  >.> 

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Ding Dong can manage the hell out of some content.

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Hmm There's a doc. with a Brutal Legend logo on the table.. Did they get a preview copy or something awesome?

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Game was alot of fun
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lol, yes indeed you guys are children. Made me laugh.

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Game Content Manager!!!!!

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@TheMustacheHero: WTF!? I didn't know there was credits at the end of this game! I hate you Giantbomb! 
TheMustacheHero, you are totally right. /sarcasm
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ha....haha...Ding dong...haha

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That is absolutely awesome, I feel no need to play through the game now! :)
Thanx for saving me money Giant Bomb!

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I'm glad i'm not the only one who noticed that after finishing the game. 
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I don't know which is the bigger joke:  The game's length-to-price ratio or... Ding Dong.  Hhahahahaha ok, Ding Dong is def way funnier!

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ow we're being tested to see if we'll watch through x[]

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It was all worth it for ding dong. How terrible would it be to be named ding dong?!

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do the credits last longer than the game?