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game looks good   
edit: my opologies im kinda new
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You lose. Good Day sir.

Worst part of a teleprompter is when you notice they are reading a telaprompter

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I'm already falling in love with the Elizabeth character.

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Hell to the damn and fuck yeah. Can't wait. I can't. I won't!

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Man... I'm sure I will die a lot since I'll be too focused on Elizabeth.

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@Dany: LOL, I like how he changed what he wrote....CLASSIC!

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Booker DeWitt = Kanji Tatsumi?

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I'm trying not to get too excited for this, as we are still more than a year away. I'm really looking forward to it, but I just don't want to get too worked up over it yet.

If this game comes out next Christmas, will it be overshadowed by the new consoles? I'm assuming we'll see the next Xbox system at least by next year. I'd hate for the game to be unfairly overlooked because people are already moving on to the next generation...

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Is...is that Troy Baker I hear or am I mistaken?
Anyway, can't wait for July 7th to see the full demo. It was my Game of the Show at E3 it shall remain that way. Damn, that game looks awesome. Watching just two minutes of that game is already getting me excited.

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Man... the songbird has great sounds.

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Keep the video coming!

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still looking great...

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He seemed a bit unprepared. Try going to gttv.com.

Game looks great.

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Still not comfortable with the main character speaking all the time.

Other than that, amazing.

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I not that bothered with the whole Bioshock thing but this looks amazing.

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Ken Levine... you tease!

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I think I pooped myself a little.

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I need this game I need this need need game, I need this game IDDGAME

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My goodness how I yearn for this game! Ken Levine can show me whatever he wants!

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I just came. And I haven't even started the video yet

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I'm in love with Elizabeth already

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Ok, don't want to see anymore! Need to avoid everything until it comes out.

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I just came. And I haven't even started the video yet
My goodness how I yearn for this game! Ken Levine can show me whatever he wants!
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Man, That was fucking AWSOME!!! :P

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2012 Northie award winner, Bioshock Infinite.

Edit: Just found out that that isn't actually Nolan North. 2012 Nolan-North-sound-a-like-ies winner for sure, then.

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So glad this game actually has a voiced protagonist. The days of the silent protagonist need to end forever.

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I just had the best idea. Imagine that in Bioshock Infinite you visit Rapture.  
Here's how I see it. Elizabeth is having to use her powers to do something with water(IDK what exactly). She loses control as she does with the horse in the trailer and you get teleported into the ocean outside Rapture. For the first few seconds you get the slow pan of the underwater vista with some the opening Bioshock music playing. Then your character suddenly starts flailing and you realize your drowning in the ocean. You see the arms flailing in front of you and your vision starts to blur. You see Elizabeth panic and then right before you faint your head tilts and you see a big daddy and little sister walking down one of the underwater hallways. The screen goes black for a couple seconds before you wake up coughing back in Columbia.  
If they did something like that I would Nerdgasm so hard.

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God damn. God damn! I need to stop watching all this and getting so hyped/ruining the surprises when I do play it, but it just looks so good.

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I want this game so hard.

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Booker sounds like a real creepy raper guy.

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I don't think that sounds anything like Nolan North, lol.
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The lack of first person animations is pretty jarring.

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It's an interesting setting but I'll leave it at that. I remember his pre-release BioShock demo and the final product turned out to be quite different and I thought it was inferior.

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@CoruptAI125: I could totally see that happening ... even if it was something smaller, a hidden easter egg things. But it would be a nice nod. 
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Oh man do I need to fix my PS3.

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Alright, first skipped spoiler video before the game's release.

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Sounds like Troy Baker (Booker), no?

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@Ygg: Yeah that demo was awesome. You could use teleport!. To bad that didn't make it in.
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@H2Oyea said:

Sounds like Troy Baker (Booker), no?

It does to me as well. Hard to tell though since Booker doesn't seem to be his usual way over-the-top character.

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So this giant bird they've shown and Elizabeth is deathly afraid of... is that gonna be like a Big Daddy or is it one of a kind boss?