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does it really take so long to type something worthwhile?

edit: even your edit is lacking lol

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@Finstern said:

does it really take so long to type something worthwhile?

edit: even your edit is lacking lol

Looks like someone is jealous that they didn't get the "FiRST!" quest. 
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@Finstern:      Need a little cheese with that whine?
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The F1 Transit is sick. but i'm not much for kart racers..

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hey at least i took the time to see if someone else had gotten it without instantly typing aspojg[fng[oh and hitting enter!

hate seeing people just type first its ridiculous!

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Sounds great. I really enjoyed the Beta, can't wait to have more tracks.

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Can't shake the feeling this game is Need for Speed + Mario Kart. Not a bad thing, but will wait to see how it handles.
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The multiplayer beta was a lot of fun, but realistic? Erm no.

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Go team Liverpool!
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Awesome looking game

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On the fence about this one, I'll wait and see what they do with it post release and if a solid community stays with it.

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Oh man, the way that guy said "It's based on a Land Rover" cracked me up.

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I've spent so much time in the beta, I can safely say this is a day one purchase. Not sure why they're trying to sell the whole realism thing, though. Just let Blur be Blur, guys. It's about blowing up the car in front of you with plasma balls and whatever else. That's a good thing.

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I enjoyed the Beta....maybe not enough to pick it up at release though?!?!?

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The beta has been loads of fun. I hope the single player has something compelling.  Only thing that really stands out for tweaking is it's nearly impossible to catch or be caught if you're in 1st and out of visible range. The "blue shells" don't do much to reduce the lead, though it's fun when people start spamming you with lightning to dodge.

Definitely on my must buy list. Although, Amazon.ca is listing $70 as the pre-order price.  Which is patently ridiculous and should probably drop to $55 or so for critical mass. Again, I hope there's something compelling. 
It's no Burnout, but the next Ridge Racer better be incredible for me to give a damn about it.  blur 4 life.

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That elevated interest in this game to be sure...

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I hate that Activision is publishing this. I don't want to avoid a good racing game, but goddamn them.

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looks good, but can it beat grid?
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Well, listening to the people who made the game it surely seems like the best racing game ever. Does look nice, hopefully it'll deliver.

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Just the other day started playing the beta....FRIGHTENINGLY addicting.  Had to tear myself away so I could hook up with  my body and play SC:C.  Holy crap, if I let this game get its claws into me its all over for me.

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@HomemadeZiggurat said:
Do we have a concept page for that yet?  =\
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Urge to kart, rising....

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Hmmm, the girl was pretty cute ...

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Looks great

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The beta is really great. I found it to be good example of how a game demo can take you from casual interest in a new title, to really looking forward to picking it up. 
As previously mentioned, it is addicting as hell, too.

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Dude they have the bowler? That's the first racing game I've seen with it! That car is siiiiiick.
Also, Ford Transit van with F1 Engine. More of this please.

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That van was pretty sweet.

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what i got from this video.... "we got cars" .... ok cool. bye.

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Wait, there's a race track based on Hackney?
Dude, I used to live in Hackney! It'll be interesting to see what part of Hackney is in the game, and if it is realistically mapped.

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Not sure how technically good this is going to be but it looks like a blast! I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this one and seeing what's what.

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shells ?

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They handle realistically?

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@Cheapoz: have you played it? it's not on the Forza level but it's not cartoonish either.
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I'm more of a 'smooth culture' man, myself, so this should be good.

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This game looks real, real nice. The van is awesome.

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This looks really awesome, but I can't convince myself in playing a game with this much power-ups...

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The demo is an absolute blast!  I cannot wait for retail version.

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Played the beta not sure if I want it though. Gotta try the split second demo next to see which too get 

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is this on PS3? 
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@HODGEY3000: no
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demo was surprisingly fun, but ill wait and see if split second is any better

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@masterpaperlink:  yeh i think from what i have seen split second may have the edge over this but i gess we shall see soon enough.
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"Blair"? Oh right! "Blur"! Gotcha
Thought she was making a political statement for a minute there.

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Van racing now that's what we need.