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This thumbnail is majestic.

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The thumbnail is THE BEST. I enjoy watching awkward dancing.

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Hi, I'm a Mac.

Hi, I'm a PC.

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They need practice!

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"Why don't you spin for once."

This is magical and should be played every day.

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This is great.

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All my slash fic brought to life!!!

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that DOTA tho!!!

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I look forward to the many gifs

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Someone better than me with video editing knows what to do.

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Like the graceful movement of passionate swans in love.

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All jokes aside this actually seems pretty great. I want to buy it for the novelty alone, but since it is also a cool idea that I've never seen before, I need to shove my money inside of it.

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This is awesome.

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Is it too much to ask for this to be set to 'Earth Angel'?

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Magical. I think this is really neat, but it desperately needs a better way of telling you the timing to follow. I don't know if it would be better audibly in the style of a metronome or some other audio cue, or by colouring the notes and shifting from green, to yellow, to red, so you have a better idea whether you're falling behind or going too fast.

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Holy shit these guys are brave. Beautiful video.

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Just dance.

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This game should be free but prompt you to buy phone insurance.

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This is so cool!

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I assume you can play this by yourself and cheese the game?

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*wipes tear from eye* the sheer beauty of these two...

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Really happy there's a video of what's going on on the screen. Looking forward to picking this game up when it's released =]

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Why is this so amazing?

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This is easily my favorite video on the site.

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I heard Drew talk about this on a podcast and I looked into it back then. It's really neat yous did a video of it! Looks difficult to translate a 2D abstract set of instructions into 2-way 3D movement.

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So great!

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Never heard of the word 'bounden' in Dutch (my native language). According to the internet it's actually Middle English.

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This looks really awesome. Color me excited.

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Should have been Drew and Alexis.

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This is one of the most magical things I have ever seen.

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This is why indie games are awesome. Unique original games designs like this give me high hopes for the future of game development.

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This may be a weird question but what does Brad, patrick and Jeff actually do as far as work on a daily basis?

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Edited - Good idea

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Drew with the True Lies reference!

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@jackist: @splodge: The comment is gone edit out the jerk from yours and lets move on. :)

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Awww, they're in love.

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All our slash fiction dreams are becoming a reality! I was always a shipper for Drew and Alexis though :(

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All our slash fiction dreams are becoming a reality!

Someone should do a list of the most romantic giant bomb videos. This has to be no. 1

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Quite the climb. Brad and Drew make beautiful art together.

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This is genuinely interesting. I am looking forward to the final product.

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Dumb question, how did they get the feed of the iphone video wirelessly? Just curious how it was done technically.

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Omg, please let this be on Android!