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General, non-discript comment!

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Is pushing the big knob?

My life is turn 90 degrees right now.

Posted by Tuckiozi

Baller hat?!

Posted by Fatcop

Snow stats?!

Posted by MacPhisto87

Hell Yeah Informer! A licky boom boom now!

Posted by Tesla

Where is Jeff when you need him (to get an Informer reference)?

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Posted by wrecks

Detective man said daddy snow I stabbed someone down the lane.

A licky boom boom down.

Posted by TehJedicake

Anyone happen to remember that crazy first person dirt cycling game they played on UPF or some other show? Can't remember the name of it.

Posted by Noblenerf

Vinny's sound effects were spot-on.

Posted by Abendlaender

I don't snow what to think about this game.

Posted by masterpaperlink

I want a open world snowboarding game with crazy courses linked by clam scenic rest spots with a dj talking to me the whole time, that would be pretty cool guys

Posted by JacDG

I want more snowboard/skiing games, just more "action" sports game in general, where's my Skate 4 at? :( Would love to see a new SSX game on the new systems as well, the reboot was almost great if it hadn't been for all the ways you could fall off the map..

Posted by MooseyMcMan

I laughed a lot more at that kiss from a rose remark than I should have.

Posted by supaslicer

I enjoyed the Snow/Informer reference….

It was jam in grade school… it halted my "Ice Ice Baby" obsession….

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Informer refrence, best thing so far this year.

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@tehjedicake: Yeah MTB Freeride. It is on desura. I might have gotten the initialism at the front a little wrong.

Posted by SubwayD

There's no snow deformation? Good lord.

Of all the things to half-arse in a skiing game...

Posted by Damodar
Posted by Jekra

this is awful

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Damn it @drewbert You should know Informer.

I also barely managed to avoid making a terrible Michael Schumacher joke. I'm pretty proud of myself for that.

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I remember this! This is the infinite ski during the 24 hour stream.

Posted by Rautapalli

I think this game is too unfinished even for a feature called unfinished.

Posted by Milkman

"Snow...That's Kiss From a Rose..."

jesus christ Vinny

Posted by BasketSnake

Looks great, animations worse than pong.

Posted by ogto

the fact that there are no tracks in the snow really unsells this for me..

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

A licky boom boom down?

@vinny I got your back!

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Did you know... when playing Snow... your joookes will fall flat and that Dreeeew will not get them at aaaallllll...


Posted by DesktopMan

The acceleration in this game seems very low. Don't think I've ever accelerated this slowly while skiing downwards. Top speed seems to top out very early as well.

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This reminds me of the dirt BMX/Mountain Bike game Drew played on an Unpro Fridays, anyone remember the name of that?

Posted by Rapid

I imagine Drew is going to get a lot of steam invites today lol

Posted by joshwent

Come ON people!

Posted by bshaw014

i havent seen anyone even refer to a bio spin in a long time...where the cork720's at?..but drew shredding with some serious steeze

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Looks terrible and it looks like it will be riddled with micro-transactions when complete.

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Woot! There hasn't been a sim-ish-lite skiing/snowboarding game since 1080 Snowboarding for the N64. Really hoping this comes together well for the finished product. Seems like they're maybe about a year off from completion so far. Maybe closer to 18 months.

edit--- it's weirding my out how far forward the bindings are mounted on those skies. I know park people mount them true center but this looks even further forward than that. :/

Posted by ThatOneDudeNick

I got the Informer joke. Don't worry, VinDawg.

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I would love for Vinny to replace the sound effects to all my games.

The game itself looks like an intriguing start, though I was definitely thinking the same thing that the game lacks a good sense of speed as of right now.

Posted by Mathey

VinCo, producers of the world's finest sound effects.

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HAH! Of course Drew's Steam avatar is Drew from Office Space!

Ooooh oooh oh! You know what I'm talking about. Ooooooh!

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Vin Co. is proud to announce their new Sound Foley Studio division.

If they add a Skifree type mode, would turn this into a must-buy!

Posted by AMyggen

Great QL!

Posted by csl316

I've seen enough snow this winter. No thank you!!

Posted by ReTarDedFisHy

So baller

Posted by Slab64

@shagge said:

Did you know... when playing Snow... your joookes will fall flat and that Dreeeew will not get them at aaaallllll...



Posted by gbrading

Snow need to hire Vinny on as their lead Sound Engineer.

Posted by joeshabadoo

finally a sequel to unfinished swan

Posted by namesonkel

New player?