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Posted by ThePantheon

Duders Regina was fuckin GREAT!
Reminded me of the chemistry with Carrie!! Have her back!!!!

Posted by JustinAquarius

jeff's pusswhip banggang shirt is the best.

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ahah spock

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Rorie's laugh is contagious.

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@borkran said:

Can we turn Matt Rorie's mic down? To zero? Thanks!

I agree with you there. He is always disrupting the other guys' chemistry with dumbass questions from the chat. That shit is annoying.

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I think this is my favourite unprofessional Friday yet! Vinny needs to keep on with the fmv

Posted by MachoFantastico

An amazing Unprofessional Friday, love this show. Having Alex on was great to, shame he as to go back to New York.

Posted by Jayxeno

This UNPRO Friday was great.

Posted by BenderUnit22

Charlie Tunoku is my favorite Layton character

Posted by strings19

@manlybeast: that is probably because he is constantly having a panic attack. More bonus content: Alex going to therapists, hypnotists, DDP for performance anxiety.

Posted by Hunter5024

I totally had to play this medical game at school.

Posted by JayDubya

I hope the FMV-games never stop.

Posted by Krystal_Sackful

Ghetto War Machine is hilarious, lighten up

Posted by huser

Rorie, if you want to know who that anime chick was...ask Vinny. He knows all too well.

Also there's a cute dog at the end for you if that's more your speed.

Posted by Zigzag1051

That FMV was fuckin hilarious

Posted by Oddballs

More Regina!

Posted by ThePickle

I fully support Vinny's decision to become the PC FMV guy.

Posted by MAJID

Rorie: "oh you mean the Orient". HAHAHAHAHAAAAA. I love you Rorie.

Posted by Gmanall

I liked code blue, overall a great friday!

Feel free to let Regina stop by every once and a while

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I'm most mad that you guys didn't pick up on Mrs. Landingham. :(

That game had a surprising amount of actual proper actors in it, come to think of it.

Posted by Jayzz

brad saying "bullshit" while playing mugen, i dont think he understands mugen.

Posted by Danishmaggot

I am pretty sure I am slightly in love with Regina....

Posted by Vuud

It was worth it just to see baby spock's awful overacting.

Posted by McGhee

Awesome segment, Drew. Loved having Regina on the show. Hope to see her again.

Posted by Fram

Unprofessional Fridays just keep getting better! Really enjoyable show, was great to see @alex back in front of the camera with the rest of the crew. Also Regina was a fine addition to the show. Engineering team MUGEN scrub league!!!

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Sure there are others that said that already,but Regina should become a regular on unprofessional fridays,she seems fun and also it lowers the testosterone level of the show ;)

But seriously,she seems to like the show or she would have left after the Glorious Mission.

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Nice to have a ladies presence on Giant Bomb. I say bring Regina back for other shows.

Posted by Luxus

I caught myself shouting "BIGPLAYS" at 1:42:30...i need a shower

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Great UPF all-around. That Akuma fight was a religious experience.

Posted by BooDoug187

I want a weekly show where Vinny plays different medical games.

"When in doubt, use the rib spreaders!"

Posted by LarryDavis

Baby Sylar was basically just doing an impression of Bill Murray in Little Shop of Horrors.

Posted by The_Grindilow

Look at Drew's posture man, that is just top notch.

Posted by L1fef0rm

Ronald Regen would have been a pretty great name.

Posted by DoctorWelch

Hopefully Patrick didn't watch this otherwise he might have to write a story about all the boobs.

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I was super excited about the Civ MMO stuff until found out that it's being made by a korean company and you don't even get to play the leader of the civs (of which there are only 3). It's probally just going to be another regular grindy MMO with some civ stuff tacked on a la the Dungeon Keeper MMO.

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That last segment, oh man. It was pure dumb bliss.

Posted by Lovecraft_Bro

Regina is hoooooot

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Really happy Salty Bet helped open up the Bomb guys into the amazing world of Mugen.

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The chief of staff is Marshall's mother on How I Met Your Mother and Robert's ex-wife on Everybody Loves Raymond.

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Holy shit what an incredible show. Alex was great in this one and made me wish he was on more live shows (as long as there's not a crowd involved >,>). Regina's cute giggle was infectious, glad she stayed around. Vinny always finds the best games and it's perfect for him to be the one playing them, hilarious goofball always finding the most humorous ways to fail. Only wish he played for longer, I could watch Vinny screw around as a doctor for hours, endurance run imo.

And of course, the last segment was god damn glorious. What a crazy, awesome, hilarious game, I'd never heard of MUGEN before and I'm so glad I've heard of it now, Popeye and some of the other characters were just too entertaining. I love the internet and gaming community for making crazy weird shit that makes no sense like this.

Posted by Osaladin

I like toned down Alex, keep him coming.

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Regina has seemed mildly concerned throughout most of what I've watched so far, and really, can you blame her? Also, Drew's "China" intro was amazing.

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Damn, this was a great UPF, especially Code Blue and MUGEN. It was great having Regina and Alex, too. Also, Charlie Tunoku is my favorite Professor Layton character.

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That was exhausting...!

Posted by Rox360

That was exhausting...!

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Dear Mom has a lot of space I bet they could fit 300 people in there. They have that back room too

Posted by coaxmetal

Also Regina seems cool, always great to see a fellow software engineer on the show. I have endless respect for frontend engineers in particular, since I hate doing frontend and am bad at it so people who are good are awesome.

Posted by core1065

At 30:40 theres a guy called USA DONT CARE!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!