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Ridiculously awesome.

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I want an iPhone now..
And what a fantastic video. This is why I love this site

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A video today!
Bit late.
What's going on?

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Vinny and Ryan could be the next Kriss Kross.

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So when's the cd coming out?

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woooooooooo new vid

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I love you guys.

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You just made my day, Vinny. Thank you so much for that.

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lol hillarious....

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oh man lmao

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.... Man now I REALLY want an iPhone...

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Dude someone tell me what the name off that app is.

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What has just happened?

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Yes please!

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That blew me away.

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that was fucking great

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Vinny makes that app 10x better

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thats fucking hilarious go vinne

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What app is that? 
The video was pure awesome!

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Now Vinny can compete with Brad in singing games.

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This pushes my Vinny man-crush even farther.

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Was a bit disappointed that he didn't say "professssssionallllll" after Windows 7. Still great though.

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V-Pain bringing the style boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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There is an app called "I Am T-Pain" that T-Pain actually endorses which they may be using but there could be any number of iPhone apps that do the same. Link

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Heard about that app. Well done.

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Vinny you are a legend... made my day xD

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From now on, all quick looks and will be done in autotune. As will the Emails! section of the Bombcast.

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I love this so much.

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The App is called "I Am T-Pain" lmao 

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holy sexy

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Ryan just straight up asked serious questions expecting some kind of coherent answer in T-Pain speak.  Freakin' hilarious!
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Fucking awesome, loving "V-Pain" :P.

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"N word that i won't say" this video has just made my week.

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That's an amazing nickname Vin.
V-Pain, shawtay.
More auto-tune please.

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I was waiting for a video today, and this one was worth the wait, I love how Brad just can't contain his laughter behind the camera....... Vinny = T-pain

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Watching this video made my day that much better.

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Now the whole world knows what it feels like to be not as cool as Vinny.

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I can't make out everything VInny is saying, lyrics please? :D

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This is too good.

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Compare this to the QOTW segment with Vinny, completely different worlds man.

V-Pain bringing it hard!