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awesome!  uuggglllggh hot dogs

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I literally don't believe I'm watching what I'm watching. I must me asleep, it's the only logical explanation!

Edit: There we go, it cuts out as soon as they smell the burning plastic. Coinsidence? Doubt it. They burned down the bomb shelter!!

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That new long table is the not colour i was hoping for!...but close enough.

Beef Franks? what the hell dudes

Posted by SpecialBuddy

hmmm hot dogs...

Posted by JJOR64

That is fucking epic.  I want one now.

Posted by musdy

I could go for a hot dog.

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looks like a product i want....you guys should really show off household products

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Bombcast, fueled by hot dogs!

Edit: I could totally smell cooking hot dogs as they started cooking... weird.

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and now I'm hungry

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Doesn't seem like it would be worth the shelf space, though I like an occasional hot dog.

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Back when I was on my WoW kick, I wanted to get one of these and a mini fridge to place next to my computer so I'd never have to leave my room. I was unemployed so I couldn't afford to do so. One day...

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Nice use of covering the ketchup and mustard logos 

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Technology is truly a wonderful thing.

Posted by MatthewMeadows

I love Giant Bomb

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That was fully awesome. Had nothing to do with games whatsoever, but that just makes it better.

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That wooden seat in the background looks awful for sitting on when doing a 2 hour bombcast.

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lol ryans face was the best! haha, awesome hot dog thing...

I do wonder what tomato ketchup was though...

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I now totally want one of these.

I think i'd rather just have an American Hot Dog though.

Posted by Diamond

I am seriously considering one of those things now...

Posted by DerekDanahy

Lol, that's awesome I hope we get some bombcast dogs.

Posted by amandackrueger

I totally thought Vinny was joking in the "I Love Mondays" segment about getting the hot dog toaster.

This was pretty epic. I want one.

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Not bad, but nothing quite like some dogs from the grill outside.

Posted by trophyhunter

why the hell would you toast the bun?

Posted by walls

Cmon you guys, you don't put ketchup on hotdogs

Posted by Absurd

Man, I could go for some hot dogs.

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Giant Bomb pro tip:
Don't put your buns in the fridge.

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Awesome :D

All the people questioning the hotdog choice don't understand the power of nathan.

Posted by spaded

i want a hotdog soo badlly now.. and is 1 in the morning were i am

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I want one!

Posted by Hirushubi

Hot dogs rank higher than rainbows on the happiness scale. 

Posted by ponyslayer

the sales of hot dog toasters went up 6000% after this video

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

This video kind of weirds me out a bit. Those are some ghetto hotdogs.

Posted by MatthewMeadows
@spaded: I'm in the same boat brother! Is there anywhere in the UK that sells late night hot-dogs? Oh, also, late night hot dogs is the name of my new concept album - check out my band - BIT-F (Buns in the fridge).
Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Dammit, now I want hot dogs. Noooo

Posted by FlappyHands

Hahaha, this is a fantastic video.

Posted by FlappyHands
@walls said:
" Cmon you guys, you don't put ketchup on hotdogs "
I do, man. And Mustard. And Onions.
Posted by Reverseface

Vinny totally said spit on them, when ryan said the hotdogs were a tight fit. hahahah

Posted by John_Bender

I love you, GiantBomb. Don't ever change.

Posted by PlasticCow

I need that thing. Badly.

Posted by FlamingHobo

Don't like hot dogs.
I do however like watching Giant Bomb making hot dogs.

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Hot Dog's for Everyone!!!!!!!!!
GiantBomb  Rules!

Posted by GiantTarget

Plastic fumes.  So that's what cancer smells like.  Whodathunkit

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its hot dog time

Posted by Infinityslimit

Mmmm hotdogs.

Posted by NAMMY

Only you guys would read the manual after using the product.

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my mouth its full of ...  Saliva !!

Posted by Gahzoo

Who's puts hotdog buns in the fridge?

and now i REALLY want a hotdog.