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Posted by Gruff182

I want to buy your game, then you make a trailer telling my subconscious not to buy your game.

The core idea isn't bad. If you didn't show any of their faces and just had the audio with just the 'power' words flashing up for the transitions.

That'll be -10 cringe points right there.

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The trailer and overacting within is poor, but the game itself seems pretty good.

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Woof. What a bad trailer.

Posted by nickux

I guess I'm supposed to hate this. But I don't.

Posted by cloudnineboya

horrible trailer couldn't wait fir it to fucking end. it was like one of those crazy car adverts.

Posted by meaninoflife42

I Am Legend.

Posted by reflekshun

That is some INTENSE marketing!

Posted by Schmollian

God damn, there is no end to this horrendously bad marketing campaign is there?

Posted by Fearbeard

I'm not Lara Croft. But I play as her in a videogame.

I'm glad I've avoided pretty much all the marketing for this game. Eager to play it, but the only parts of this video that are interesting to me were the gameplay clips while the rest was just overdramatic bullshit.

Posted by mr_shoeless
Posted by kollay

If I were Lara Croft...