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Ol' Vinny "It's A Fake" Caravella.

Posted by frostmute

@customotto: YUP! It sure is.

"NO NO, James FRANCIS Ryan"

Posted by zoozilla

I'm so glad this game is getting some love on GB. I still play it every once in a while - the game play is addictive in a way that no Madden game has ever done for me. It's basically the only football game I ever play.

Posted by PDXSonic

The best part of this game is the fact that it was $19.99, which forced Madden (in which 2005 was arguably its best year as well) to drop its price as well.

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a 100 yard fake fga seems like something the jets would actually do in a game

edit: holy shit rob johnson

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Giant Bomb New York doesn't like the New York Football Giants?

I feel so betrayed.

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Such a great game! Fingers crossed that one day EA will lose its exclusive NFL license and 2K will get a chance to pick up where this game left off.

Posted by RenegadeSaint

Without a doubt this is my favorite football game of all time. The early, ridiculous Gameday games come in a close second.

Posted by ninjalegend

Should've played the Xbox version, the custom soundtrack integration in this (and NBA 2k5 was faaaaantastic.

So good. I loved to use this to mess with my friends who would come over to watch football on Sunday. I would rip some music from my parents' broken ass music collection. Imagine the horror of sitting down after a few brews to play a game of 2K5 only to be greeted by the sounds of Air Supply or some other horror from my parents past. Glorious.

Posted by BasketSnake

How about seven years of AUDIO ISSUES? Why can't things just work!

Posted by dcav

Extra bonus points for the Tribe Called Quest reference (I really hope it was intentional)

Posted by valeo

@wingman said:

I hate watching Vinny play sports games, however glad to hear Alex knows quite a bit ... now if only they can team him up with someone else that shares his same knowledge I'd actually take the time to watch sports related videos on Giantbomb.

Huh? The less they know the better. :)

Posted by Mezmero

I'll never get sick of hearing Alex pronounce "dollars". Just please keep saying "dah'rs" over and over again. Must be a Midwest thing.

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Man, the audio is terrible.

Posted by spookytapes

Best football game of all time. Xbox version looks much better than the PS2 one shown. Easy and fun to pick up and play. They basically forced EA into paying off the NFL because they couldn't compete with this game. Ugh. RIP 2K football.

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I love how the audio makes this QL sound like it was made when the game was released.

I also love how the only Wisconsin university is Stout because we have a saying here about the school: "When in doubt, go to Stout."

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Sports Vinny is the spirit of this business.

Posted by superslidetail

5 Yard Penalty for hula hooping

Posted by blacklab

The Sport of Kings is horseracing.