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Upon viewing, I wish I had a 360. 

Posted by Espio25

Love worms!

Posted by bpwwhirl

Closest I'll ever come..

Posted by Damien

I won the original Worms on XBLA from a game of 1 vs. 100.  I am winner.

Posted by Jadeskye

great game made better.

Posted by Klaimore

Awesome I love the old maps from the previous worms!

Posted by thedj93
@Espio25 said:
" Love worms! "
I've got a love worm for ya, babe
Posted by AjayRaz

love worms! 
..waiting for the PS3 release, though. ^^ 

Posted by Kontrapunkt


Posted by MisterMouse

the holy hand grenade!

Posted by Shadow

aaaaand purchased

Posted by Scooper

Yes! Buying this!

Posted by MysteriousBob

DLC for one of my favourite arcade games? Sold.

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

Hey, more Wroms!  Awesome.  Gotta pick this up when I can.

Posted by MeatSim

Can I use these worms to catch fish?

Posted by MjHealy

How much is this? I have played Worms 2 in a long while.

Posted by indus

 I remember some rumblings about this game being released on steam but that was some time ago. Anyone think this franchise will ever return to the pc?

Posted by MagikGimp

How many more of these fucking rehashes are they going to shovel out? And bring back the original voices plus some new ones already; why do they all have to sound like the bloody Chipmunks?

Posted by darkjester74

Never got the appeal of Worms myself.

Posted by Piranesi

Still waiting for the Virtual Boy version ...
Posted by SpawnMan

Just waiting for it to be released here. It's gonna be awesome! This may make the game the best worms game ever then...

Posted by TinoEzio

Yeah! Worms! I've already purchased it on Steam. Can't wait for it.