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Posted by Dirty_Harry


Posted by jkz

Is it just me or is the new giant bomb title game way more trippy?

Posted by Vinchenzo

It's a fun rent. I definitely recommend it. Or buying it when the price drops.

Posted by Rinkalicous

Phew- I thought video reviews were done for!

Posted by Death_Burnout

First video review in ages!

Posted by Aeterna

Ta-dum... Cha!!!11

Posted by DrRandle

So... On one level, I found the demo to be pretty okay. I might pick the game up. But... I have a couple of problems with this game and it's on a more personal level. One: why why why do we feel the need to turn these characters and franchises into buckets-of-blood expeditions? The movie did just fine without spilling blood everywhere, why do we have to do that to the character?

But you know what? I'm okay with a bloody mess (See: MadWorld). And I'll even let it slide that we want to make a Wolverine: Buckets of Blood game. It makes enough sense, I suppose. My real problem in the end is that they did it with a licensed movie that was aimed more towards youths. If the typical tradition holds up, it's going to be younger audiences that will want this game because they liked the movie, but it's rated M and infinitely more bloody and violent than I think they should be exposed too.

I'm not a nazi for game control, but I do like to exercise a little common sense. It just feels like this game was mismarketed. If Raven wanted to make a gorey Wolverine game, I think they should have just cooked up an original Wolverine license. Then they could have more time to polish the game, too.

Posted by GregIsRad

Falling to your death = "You've been captured!"

Posted by InFamous91

damn i haven't seen a video review for a long time on giantbomb...this about time
however i do like reading the review at times more then watching it

Posted by iAmJohn

Man, it's been a while since you guys have done one of these!

Posted by grainger

woooh! a video review, been a while since i've seen one of these... im to lazy to read reviews most of the time MORE OF THESE =P

Posted by FlappyHands

Video Review! Man you guys seem to have slowed down on the Video Review output lately, which is understandable with the Endurance Run and everything, but please try to get some more Video Reviews up if you can, we loves them!

Posted by RipTheVeins

on his own?

Posted by KillaMaStA

nice review. I might even get this

Posted by zoozilla

Nice to see a video review again.

Pretty much what I expected - not bad, but not great.

Posted by giyanks22

looks pretty good..
Niec review ryan.

Posted by Bunnyman

Weird that a video review feels like an unexpected bonus these days. Keep up the good work.

Posted by ANDYx0WNEDxU

phew, good to see another video review, thought they had been replaced by quick looks

Posted by Reverseface

Wow a video review....such a rarity these days

Posted by Scratch

Hey It has been a while since we saw a video review.

Posted by Mimakos

more video reviews guys ,they are good stuff...!good  job!!

Posted by SenatorSpacer

W00T! Video Review FTW!

Posted by killdave

Thanks you Rental Shops for exisiting ^^

Posted by IceColdGamer

Nice review Ryan. Thanks.

Posted by HydraHam

Woa.. thats crazy.. on the written review i said what happened to video reviews then BAM

Posted by Sandwizzle

Awesome.  I will definitely pick this game up.  I need a new way to dismember my enemies for their insolence.

Posted by welly

gameflyed this....how do i??? nevermind.

Posted by JoelTGM

yeah, looks like your typical movie game. 

Posted by roofy

thank god for another video review.

havnt seen one in a while

Posted by Stang

Great review! The 360/PS3 version looks sweet. Stay FAR FAR away from the Wii abomination, you will hate yourself for going there.

Posted by MattBodega

I'm really glad to see more Video Reviews on the site. Bring em on!
Oh, and great review, Ryan and Vinny!

Posted by Wright

brilliant end pose

Posted by Scooper
Posted by Jedted

Great Review Ryan!  I agree on the fact that it does get a little repetative near the end but i still enjoyed it and think it's a MUST PLAY for anyone that has a hankerin blood and gore.  And ofcorse it helps to be a Wolverine fan!

Posted by SuperMuchBrown

Wow. I was thinking you guys had forgotten how to do video reviews  ;)

Loved the movie and will rent this one from GF
Posted by pissedoffthewitch

bout time they did a video review

Posted by joslop500
Posted by DukeTogo

I rented it, played it past beating Gambit and stopped.  I think I saw all the best of what it had to offer so I figured I'd stop there and save myself those last few hours.  If this game was half as long and $30, it would be a far better game and I'd have bought it on release day. 

The story is pretty jankey, like the movie, and it goes one further by saying Nightcrawler is the son of Mystique and Wraith.  This is BS but it at least is half right and lets you see Mystique for a small bit.  The fight with the Blob reminded me of Dead Rising, mainly because it takes place in a supermarket, and it actually is a better scene than the weak film one.  Gambit is a pretty cool fight although it's a little preposterous that he can withstand the repeated shivving you give him but saving him from falling off a building is what convinces him you're not out to kill him.  The Sentinel fight is a little bit of a letdown, while the latter part is better, stabbing its feet repeatedly is not how I imagined Logan taking one on.  Climing him and attacking him like Shadow of the Collosus would have made a much better encounter.

Do yourselves a favor and unlock his legendary costume asap, it makes the game that much more awesome and it kept me playing longer than I probably would have.  The bonus part of the costumes are they allow his entire body to show damage, unlike the normal one that is only from his waist up.  After a particularly rough fight, my limbs were mostly devoid of flesh, I looked like the terminator with spindly legs.  You get blood on your ass too, which ends up looking like he shit himself.

Once the game reaches budget price of around $20 I'll pick it up.  Certain parts of the game are worth playing again, but I wouldn't want to go through the whole thing, each level is about twice as long as it needs to be.

Posted by NinjaSquirrel

Looks like a bad God of War clone. And I don't even like God of War.

Posted by artofwar420

You sold me Ryan. I will get this.

Posted by Jack_Daniels

So that's what a video review looks like... I had totally forgotten due to there nonexistence...

Posted by MeierTheRed

Nice to see a video review for a change

Posted by theMcNasty

When this game is selling at a $30 price point, I will buy.

Posted by MeatSim

This game is brutal that's for sure.

Posted by Intrepid

I'm one of the rare few who haven't touched a God of War game, so this actually looks pretty good.

Posted by ReTarDedFisHy

Video Review! :D

Posted by RHCPfan24

Another great video ending for Ryan. And this game looks awesome.....and so bloody.

Posted by TheHT

woah that dude couldn't die before finishinh his report.

Posted by needforswede

If you're a longtime fan of X-Men, get it...even if you didn't like God of War.  It's an amazing game but I feel like I wouldn't like it nearly as much if I wasn't so fond of Wolverine as a character to begin with.  Some parts of the game make it seem like development was rushed to coincide with the movie release, but it's a solid, solid game.  I just hope some of the bugs can be worked out with downloadable updates.

Posted by 8bitman

They have sunk pretty low with this game.

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