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Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

That looks pretty Xtreme.

Posted by blackcat0158

I've always been on the fence over the X games- looks like I'm going to have to check it out.

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Hey GB dudes, upload the X Rebirth Scale and Detail trailer for this and blow more minds! ;P


Posted by kingschiebi

always loved the X series, but things went a bit out of hand in terms of complexity with 2 and the following titles

really interested to see if they were able to reach their goal of streamlining the gameplay and making it
move a bit away from "Space eXcel - SpreadSheets!"

i think even just a bit of clever UI cleanup might be enough to get things on track there, so i think there is a valid chance for this get me back into the universe.

the graphics always looked super nice and the soundtrack on the trailer already draws me back in

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Posted by Knale

That music. Yes please.

Posted by Veektarius

Not to burst your bubble, Patrick, but unless they change a lot, the X series is definitely for crazy people.

Posted by chiablo

If there is Oculus Rift support, I will park my space ship next to a space highway, and get space high watching space traffic in space 3D.

Posted by JNeam

X3 sucked so many hours out of my life. Excited to see how this turns out.

Posted by paulunga

Well, I don't know anything about X Rebirth, but having played the previous X games I can tell you that the series as a whole definitely isn't less crazy. Or at least not enough to make a difference for most people.

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@veektarius said:

Not to burst your bubble, Patrick, but unless they change a lot, the X series is definitely for crazy people.

I can confirm this. I was drawn in with previous games by the visuals and stopped playing after only 15 hours.

For this game it's either real life or in-game life. I chose real life.

If the main campaign is a lot better this time around then maybe I'll give it a look. otherwise it's not for me again.

Also, ship/building destruction in space needs to be drastically modified. As fires don't burn in a vacuum. It would be cool to see your destruction leave a hole in the hull or wall and the shield covers the hole and you can see the fires inside the ship burning etc. Maybe see some people and objects sucked out into space before the shield seals the gap or whatever.

Posted by gike987

Not to burst your bubble, Patrick, but unless they change a lot, the X series is definitely for crazy people.

The design goal for this one have been all about making it playable for non-crazy people.


"Complex=good, Complicated=bad

Let me get this straight right at the start. X Rebirth is not less complex or dumber than any of the X games of the past.

But to make a game intuitive and easy to learn, you have to design it from scratch. Adding features to a game that was not designed for these features at the start, is never perfect.

Designed to be fun and easy but complex and deep at the same time

This one line sums up the ethos of all the game design changes that you will read and hear about, namely:"

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I really want to try this, this looks amazing.

Posted by villainy

I haven't been following this too closely but I have a few hundred hours logged across X3/TC/AP so I'm definitely excited. UI has always sucked in those games though, hopefully they scrap it and come up with something less labyrinthine this time.

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The X games are rad as shit but they are definitely for crazy people

Posted by masterpaperlink

Cant wait, this looks ridiculously pretty, though that has to be one of the most boring cockpit designs ive ever seen, also the combat doesn't look fun at all.

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Posted by Gyrfal

I had a teacher that scripted an entire trade empire that ran itself in X3. I played 51 hours of Terran Conflict, and didn't get that far.

Posted by dethmunky

I just watched a trailer for the thing that's going to kill me.

Posted by reelife

No planetary landing? Guess my dream space game is still a way off... (I know about evochron:mercenary) but I need a next gen super crazy space game. like infinity quest for earth... alhtough that game will never come out.

Posted by SenorMartinez

Hope this will be good. They are making somewhat radical changes, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Especially when considering the learning curve of the previous games.

Posted by Sphinx

@reelife That game is essentially what Star Citizen will be, if not at launch, then within months after launch. Roberts has promised full planetary landings and complete navigation with your character around shops and hubs within a planet.

As far as X: Rebirth is concerned, it'll be a nice bridge until Alpha and Beta of Star Citizen.

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Maybe this is EVE Online for non-crazy people?

I wouldn't go as far as to say non-crazy people, @patrickklepek. Let's just say less crazy people, even as I classify myself under this group of people that enjoys 4X-types of games.

Posted by Gargantuan

Dead sexy! I'm hyped!

Posted by Phancypants

So, is this basically like Privateer and EVE had a really good looking baby?

Posted by Rigas

Who was the narrator, I can't place the voice and its going to drive me nuts all night?

Posted by JesterPC238

I've always loved these games, good to see this one's coming along!

Posted by Atwa

X games are also very much for crazy people.

Posted by Garviell

People always make Eve out to be way more complicated than it is..

Its actually pretty simple =/

Posted by Scrawnto

I tried to play X3 and found it more difficult to break into that EVE. I guess we'll see if this entry can change that.

Posted by Bumbuliuz

The scale video really made me giddy with excitement. I used to love the scale in FreeSpace 2 space combat with the capitol ships.

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@veektarius said:

Not to burst your bubble, Patrick, but unless they change a lot, the X series is definitely for crazy people.

Well they are. They gutted the entire structure and built back up from the ground up to make it more streamlined. This is pretty much a reboot.

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What I remember of x3: Reunion was that is was super pretty (at the time), interesting and In-fucking-penetrable to someone just jumping in. What kills interest in playing high concept, large scope or multi-tiered gameplay games is a piss poor or complete lack of tutorials, so I hope this one has a comprehensive explanation of it's systems, because I really want to explore it but I don't want to only be able to do a Kessel run again and again because it's all I understand.

Posted by Duxa

Loved all of the X series games so far, very well made, and basically are Single Player EVE experience. I played EVE for around a year before stopping because of lack of time. X series games fill that itch for me once in a while :) Im clocked at over 300 hours on my current game of Albion Prelude (love that they added Controller support, playing it on my TV is a delight).


Posted by Beaudacious

I don't get why people think the X-Games were for crazy people?

They weren't that crazy at all, I'd say Eve is even on a different scale completely. I guess the difference is between people who want to watch a Naughty Dog movie, or learn a Sandbox Game?

Posted by Subjugation

Unless this is ridiculously different, I would not say that this is for "non-crazy people." If you really think the X series is that much more simple Patrick, you must not have ever tried it.

Posted by LimpBishop

Soo, they have made mining look cool!

I'm ready for this I think!

Posted by Humanity

@sphinx: I don't know about Star Citizen, I'm still waiting for the Zybourne Clock to finish development.

Posted by Wandrecanada

That was like FOUR Xs!

Posted by Kanuuna

This looks incredibly ambitious. I have never played the past games, but this trailer managed to grab me. I will keep an eye on this one.

Posted by MonkfishEsq

The one thing the X games completely missed out on that it sorely needs is a fucking TUTORIAL. In every single game it just dumps you out and literally doesn't tell you a single thing about how to equip your ship or get a quest or anything. For what, 5 games in a row now?

Posted by smokaccino

what the trailer voice did I just watch

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I want to inject this trailer into my veins. THAT MUSIC

Posted by NeoCalypso

lol if you think the X series is for non-crazy people you are sorely mistaken. Still a pretty awesome series but I haven't really gotten into one since X2 when it was a lot more action based as apposed to this sorta boring space trading sim the more recent games have become.

Posted by Giantstalker

X is arguably crazier than EVE, depending on how you deep you go; I've seen this firsthand having played both series substantially in the past

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

fucking sold

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That still seemed pretty crazy.

Posted by fisk0

Oh, well, both EVE and X are pretty much remakes of David Braben's Elite/Frontier. None of them go as all out crazy as Elite did.

Posted by CynageN

Love the X series, this just got me back in.

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The X series is the best space franchise going right now, but they've tended to have some rough edges. I hope Rebirth adds the finesse that could take the series to a new plateau.