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Posted by Lazyaza

Stiiiill waiting for the "komplete" version before I get this game. Hopefully will happen before I completely lose interest altogether.

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Zatanna's awesome. Kind of wish she didn't look like a horse with its face punched in though.

Posted by Spitznock

Huh... I had expected a somewhat deeper voice than that.
She seems like a cool character though.

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This character image is too sexualized. We need to write some letters and have this type of thing banished from the open consumer market. Filthy.

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Batman must be happy.

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*sigh* I love DC and I love Zatanna, but I can't stand this games art style... All the costumes look sooooooooo bad, and the ladies use the same model and they all look ridiculous.

Posted by HubrisRanger

Okay, Zatanna having two fighting styles ala Nightwing is pretty clever. That voice actress though. Woof. Not at all what I would go with.

Posted by Charlee_CoCo

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@hailinel said:

@mikejflick: Enough to win a poll Ed Boon ran on Twitter. An "unofficial" poll, but suffice it to say, Zatanna has her fans.

It's not really that odd. All of the "heavy hitters" are already in the game, ie Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc. Who's left at this point that

A) Fans want to see

B) Isn't just another version/type of an existing character, ie another Green Lantern, Kryptonian, etc

C) Isn't a Batman ally/villain. I mention this because Boon/Neatherealm didn't want to fill the game with Batman characters because they easily could of as alot of them would make good fighting game characters. Basically trying to avoid the Capcom Vs X scenario where the Capcom side ends up being mostly Street Fighter characters.

D) Offers a different gameplay style, moveset, etc.

Zatanna fits that criteria, and as mentioned before she won the Twitter poll that Boon did.

Blue Beetle? Black Canary?

There’s still two more characters left, but I don’t know if it will be either of them.

Would the Ted Kord Blue Beetle be all that different from Batman, ie a gadget focused character? Would the current Beetle be all that different than Cyborg?

Canary could be interesting. It be an easier character to do since they could reuse a bunch of Sindel’s moves.

It’s basically always going to boil down to popularity and/or who they (Neatherrealm) think would be a fun or interesting character. The ladder is usually why fighting games end up with character choices that baffle people, as in “Why would they put in that character instead of this character?” Once the roster has all the must have characters or the characters that are going to sell the game the rest of the cast is basically free reign.

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@koolaid: sadly they only snagged Conroy for Bats and Daly for Supes from the Animated series voice crew, It was really noticeable when Brad Garret didn't voice Lobo. Although by the sound of it she could be the voice of Zatanna from Young Justice.

Posted by CrystaljDesign

@hogshead: Yes, the fact she only speaks backwards once in her whole moveset is disheartening.

Posted by NDN_Shadow

@turpskadey: That's not exactly true. Alot of the voice actors are the same from the Justice League animated series. I think Zatanna's voice is from Young Justice.

Posted by kawiji

I'll tell you what this game needs: Swampthing.

Posted by craigymail

Still no Red Hood? Gah!

Posted by Example1013

She...she's actually...ABOVE pig-tier?

Posted by Nightfang

They make Zatanna a playable character, but John Stewart a simple character skin. > _ <

Posted by SmasheControllers

Finally! Zatanna is one of my favorite DC heroes, she's magic which is always good! Not much of a Ranged player myself, probably still stick to Hawkgirl.

Posted by thebearking

I cannot contain my joy right now. I was one of those voices screaming Zatanna from the rooftops when they were asking about new characters a while back. However was it really that necessary to give her costume a plunging neckline and her super attack was fairly unoriginal and uninspired when it comes to a magic user, but I'm not going to split hairs over this HBIC making the cut.

But she'll need a villain to size up against and I hope it will be Klarion but if not then Felix Faust or Brother Night would also be good options.

Posted by Psykhophear

Next thing you know, Warner Bros will release a complete edition like Mortal Kombat that includes all the DLCs. I think I'll save my money for now.

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