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Virtual Families is similar to the Sims in almost every aspect of its gameplay, and allows players to enter into an "all-powerful" status, able to control the very thoughts of the virtual people within the game. After adopting their first "little person", as the game calls them, players are asked to create a stable life for said little person by finding a mate and having children.

After having their first child, the little couple will then resume their normal, everyday activities such as doing dishes, browsing the internet, and enjoying the garden placed outside of their own. Players can click on each person and drag them to any location within the house, thereby "showing" the character in question whatever object they desire them to interact with (that is, if the player sees a piece of garbage on the ground, by dropping a character onto it, they will see it as well and throw it away).

Apart from completing various chores and other household activities, rare objects (in the form of leaves, old coins and so on) will randomly appear throughout the landscape that can be collected, along with short puzzles that must be solved by interacting with particular objects in a specific order. For instance, one puzzle has players repairing the broken shed door.

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