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Gears Clock

Wake-up Club is a free alarm clock application for PlayStation Vita that allows players to compete against each other in a short mini-game to determine who can wake up faster. Players can set single or recurring alarms, customize the display of the clock, and choose what music and/or sound effects are played when the alarm goes off.

When the alarm does sound, the player is presented with a screen where that user's PlayStation Network avatar is floating around the screen. To shut off the alarm, the player must quickly tap the avatar using the Vita's touchscreen. Once this is completed, the player is brought to a screen featuring the avatars of all of the other competing players. At this point, the awake players can tap the asleep players' avatars to "cheer" them towards waking up. Tapping the asleep players' avatars causes a sound effect to play on that sleeping player's Vita.



Wake-up Club keeps statistics on how well players wake up including:

  • Days Used
  • Early Risings in a Row
  • Times Overslept (5 min)
  • Total Players Woken Up With
  • Total Times Cheering Others
  • Total Times Been Cheered
  • Average Time Taken to Wake Up
  • First Place Finishes
  • Last Place Finishes


Journey (Digital)

Many of the themes and backgrounds are based on other PlayStation Vita games.

A Color Theme Pack which adds eight colored themes and ten new sound effects is available as DLC for $0.25.

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