So Wake-Up Club is pretty much useless. It doesn't work!

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So it woke me up today. I'm going to gues it only puts you in a wake-up club when you have the alarm set for a time that isn't one minute ahead. But whatever, this should be locked now.

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Hey, at least the themes are cool... right?

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It's working correctly for me. Last night I left the Vita on the Wake-Up Club's clock, and I pressed power to suspend. I put it on the charger. It went off with the theme song at the correct time, and the minigame opened up when I unlocked the Vita.

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@Azurath:They're okay. The Tokyo Jungle Digital is like the only one I like. I hate the analog clocks.

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Did you set your difficulty on hard mode? Try lowering your difficulty settings.

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You know, thinking about I've been sleeping on my January break, Wake-Up Club, or at least something like it, on my iPad would have been fucking brilliant.

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I just don't see the hype. Apparently, Ryan's Vita kinda went haywire after trying it out.

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@Nickieroonie: Okay, seems some people are having problems them. I deleted it from my Vita and reinstalled it but it still won't work. Maybe it's the DLC. I'm going to try again without it.

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What if you plug in the charger? Can you make it not go to stand-by then?

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@Snail: Nope, it still goes. I'm going to redownload it without the DLC. Maybe that's the problem.

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@awesomeusername said:

@Snail: Nope, it still goes. I'm going to redownload it without the DLC. Maybe that's the problem.

Hasn't this been out in Japan for a while now? Like, months? I guess there should be plenty of feedback on the app, and how it's supposed to work. Most of it probably in a foreign language, but still.

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@Snail: Yeah, I'm going to Google it because it's STILL not working which is just annoying now. I've re-downloaded it like 3 times now and it's still messed up. What's worse is I lost all my progress! GAHHHH!

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