Oh to hell with Waluigi!

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I think Wario is a little stupid... but I can bare with him existing. Waluigi is an abomination which should not exist...

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Who the hell is Waluigi?????
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Sounds interesting, but it would probably suck.

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I want a Waluigi centric game.
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What's everybody got against Waluigi?!

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I'd like to see that.  Give him a chance!  We only know him as Wario's partner in crime, but we don't know what he's actually capable of, what his skills and abilities are.  We know, because of Wario's own games, that Wario's an extremely strong buffoon that has a love for money and garlic.  Now, with Waluigi, we only know, because of vague hints, that he's more sinister than Wario and that he may have a more violent mind than Bowser, even. 
I honestly think a stealth game—or something like that—featuring Luigi's counterpart could end up being good.  I'm sure anything Nintendo would do featuring this character would be great and interesting.

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@CL60:  It's because he is the evil counterpart of Sportacus
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Waluigi was created for the explicit intent of giving Wario a racing kart partner.

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@HaroldoNVU: ...But I hate Sportacus.  So technically, I should love Waluigi, right?
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To hell with them all. I want to see Wuperman!

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Shit, if only Nintendo didn't follow the every whim of the guy who voices Mario.

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@HaltIamReptar said:
" Waluigi was created for the explicit intent of giving Wario a racing kart partner. "
Luigi was created as a palette swap to Mario.
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@HaltIamReptar: Actually it was a tennis partner.  Waluigi first appeared in Mario Tennis.
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@ElegantRuby said:
" @HaltIamReptar: Actually it was a tennis partner.  Waluigi first appeared in Mario Tennis. "
Wonderful, that completely justifies his existence then.
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Fuck no. If anything, we need more games like Wario World. Yeah, it was kind of shallow and piss easy, not to mention you could finish it in one sitting, but I find the idea of a more puzzle oriented platformer to be an idea worth milking. Waluigi is the single lamest Mario spinoff character since Birdo.

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I love Waluigi's voice in Mario Tennis - I'd support his game - especially if it were a jewel-heist platformer thingy.

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Incidentally, did anyone bother to email the Bombcast to let Ryan know that Waluigi's name is a Japanese pun?

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Walugi loves your hate.

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@HaroldoNVU: ^^^^^^ 
Best reference on Giant Bomb
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Waluigi was my favorite player in Mario Tennis.

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Waluigi had a pretty sweet motorcycle in Mario Kart DS, Maybe a Brutal-Legend style open world action game with that cycle for transportation? 
Idk, best idea I had.

#24 Posted by c1337us (5877 posts) -

I would give a Waluigi game a chance.
#25 Posted by MisterMouse (3599 posts) -

Thats crazy that one man does all of the voices...

#26 Posted by TenaciousWii (10 posts) -

What we really need is Wonkey Kong.  
With tilt control.

#27 Posted by TeflonBilly (4742 posts) -

Maybe it would justify this

Who the Hell would wanna dress up as Waluigi!? Most people would think you were wearing some kind of ghetto ass bootleg Mario costume and those who DID recognize it would think you're an asshole!

#28 Posted by ApolloBob (577 posts) -

Waluigi is the epitome of lazy shortcut thinking: "We need a Wario analogue to Luigi - let's stick a 'Wa' in front of Luigi and give him an upside down L!" Miyamoto phoned that in sick from home while recovering from a weekend ingesting things from his backyard garden.

I remember when I played Mario Party with friends and one of them was intoxicated and didn't pay attention when he chose Waluigi as his character. His response: "Waluigi??????!!!!!! Aw man, this guy SUCKS!"

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I kinda like Waluigi.
But I'm a sucker for purple!

#30 Posted by BeachThunder (13088 posts) -

@TaliciaDragonsong said:

I kinda like Waluigi. But I'm a sucker for purple!

Um...pretty much this >_>

Also, he would work well as a protagonist in a Mario RPG; all of the mario RPGs are pretty bizarre anyway. It would be great to see a ridiculous fleshed-out story for him.

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@ApolloBob: Actually, afaik waluigi in japanese is a pun on the word "warui" which means bad, and Luigi.

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People hate him because he's a poor clone of a character that's already treated as the red-headed stepchild of the franchise.

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I would like to see super wario bros /super wario world with wario and waluigi just causing problems and looking for money. and every once a while they catch up with mario and luigi. Mario and luigi have no idea whats going on.

Also the need a boo or a goomba/ koopa troopa.

Actually make it like the mario and luigi rpgs.

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Fuckin' love me some Waluigi in Mario Kart Wii. That's my go-to guy, and I wouldn't mind seeing what they could do with a Waluigi game.

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Waluigi is the worst. But I an all for a game staring him. Warluigi Galaxy is a game I would play.

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Wasn't Waluigi the villain in DDR Mario Mix?

...Did DDR Mario Mix really need a villain?

#37 Posted by ApolloBob (577 posts) -

@Twinsun said:

@ApolloBob: Actually, afaik waluigi in japanese is a pun on the word "warui" which means bad, and Luigi.

They took advantage of that pun already with Wario didn't they? At any rate, there is no doubt that Waluigi is bad.

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@FluxWaveZ: It would be a awesome if it was like the Sneak King burger king game.

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