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Second in Activison's line of toy based games for kids, Wappy Dog allows you to interact with your robot dog in many fun ways, hopefully teaching valuable dog raising skills that will transfer to even non-robot dogs. Wappy Dog features gameplay that takes advantage of interplay between the Nintendo DS and the Wappy Dog toy itself, allowing you to do tricks and play minigames alongside the standard pet-it-to-make-it-coo gameplay. The game utilizes the same near field technology that worked so dashingly in Skylanders, allowing you to write memory back to the toy itself.

Like the hugely popular Nintendogs before, interaction in Wappy Dog evolves and matures the more you play. Where in the beginning, you may only be presented with a slim list of tricks to do, by the time you finish playing you will have access to an unprecedented array of robot dog tricks, from mere barking to full blown dancing and singing.

Players are able to toggle between a "Home Mode" and an "Away Mode", the former being the standard "with toy" mode, and the later being a mode that allows you to care for the dog sans the toy itself. Players will merely complete the standard routine, such as feeding and washing, with the data being transferred upon the game and toy being reunited.


Wappy Dog allows for both play at home (with the physical dog) and on the go with your DS (in Travel Mode). Wappy will learn from your teachings, but he doesn't like it if you pull his tail.

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