Looking for a squad (PS4)

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Hey Guys

God I am addicted to this game. I played it when the beta was out on steam but I migrated my account to PS4 and I've been playing it everyday.

One of my main objectives right now is to unlock all the mission in the star chart but its really hard when you don't have a squad watching your back.

I am currently Mastery level three and have a pretty good handle on how the game works.

Anyone interesting in squading it up? Maybe if things go really well we can start a clan!

PSN ID: KSAdecibel

We can call ourselves "Tenno in Stellitos"

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@decibel: Sorry I didn't see this thread before now. I'm sending you a friend request right now and I can walk you through solar progression if you would like.

Psn Name: Dynarri

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@krelmoon: Thanks! I accepted your friend request.

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@decibel: Nothing to do with Warframe, but sweet fucking picture. Used to be mine!

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I would love to play as well. I just started playing this and am brand new but would love a squad to play with.

PSN is MastuhSpence

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Be sure to check out the Giant Bomb PS4 clan if you're looking to play with other GB members.

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