Anyone participating in the tournament starting April?

#1 Posted by HypoXenophobia (1045 posts) -

Incognito ( Lightbox Interactive)  is hosting a tournament for the month of April. Curious how many other Bombers will participate, if anything to have someone to run into in combat. The community is still fairly active for an old game, but better than I remembered.

#2 Posted by damnboyadvance (4061 posts) -

I've been playing a lot of the demo. It looks like the tournament is going on in the demo, too! But I think my time went out. I'm planning to get the game, since it's like $14.99 now. It helps that the community is still active, or so I hear. So I might participate.

#3 Posted by mosespippy (4278 posts) -

My PS3 is YLOD and has been since January. I hear the tourney started out pretty hardcore, but has since been flooded with noobs. I'm sad to be missing out on the noob killing action. It would have been a great help towards me getting some of the final ranks.

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