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Touch me 0

You buy the game, thinking it’s an okay game. You get out you’re DS pen, because, well you have to! Then it shows a story. Of how Wario gets a DS and learns how to play. Then he eats some garlic and he gets a broken tooth. He then goes into the dentist and gets a check up. Then he runs off and has to do mini games. The first time ever were you have to use you’re DS pen and use it. Pop the balloons, Pour the ketchup etc. Then you have to fight a boss. Then you unlock characters together with you’...

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With touch-screen gameplay, great music, wacky graphics, and awes 0

Wow, games don't get any wackier than Warioware Touched. A game where you do random 5-second mini-games one after another. There are a bunch of characters which offer different styles of mini-games, such as scribbling or tapping. The game is very short, and can be beaten in a few hours, but those few hours are going to be loads of fun! You can also unlock a bunch of random stuff to play around with, which keeps the replay value going. With so much random fun going on, you will never want to put ...

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Look What My DS Can Do! 0

WarioWare created its own genre a couple years ago on the GameBoy Advance.  We'd all played mini-games before, but these were MICRO-games.  They literally take a few seconds to play, but are thrown at you in such a way that test your reflexes and hand-eye coordination.  As the name implies, Touched! focuses on using the touch screen rather than the quick tap of a button.  WarioWare is also Nintendo's first big title since the DS launched nearly three months ago, and with the DS library struggli...

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