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Final Fantasy VII

In this title from the series, the WEAPONs are an integral part of the main storyline and are featured quite prominently during its final events. It is revealed that during the first great threat to Gaia, when Jenova arrived two thousand years prior to the events of the game, that the WEAPONs were manifested by the planet as a response to the Jenova threat. Since the Cetra defeated and sealed Jenova within the Northern Crater, the WEAPONs were no longer needed, and were crystallized in a tomb of mako standing as vigilant guards should they ever be called upon again to defend their creator, Gaia. 
Ruby, Ultimate, Emerald, and Diamond WEAPONs
Two thousand years pass, and the WEAPONs are called upon again by their creator to protect and yield not unto harm; meteor has been summoned to obliterate the planet and all life that calls it home. It is with this act that the crystalline tomb of the WEAPONs is broken, and they are unleashed to sanctify the world of all that plagues it.
In this iteration of the series, there are five WEAPONs in total that make an appearance; Sapphire, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, and Ultimate. Of these five, Ruby and Emerald do not play a pivotal role in the story, however are featured as optional superbosses that can be found within the game world. Sapphire, Ultimate, and Diamond all play different roles upon their release from the Northern Crater, ultimately ending in their demise from the self-defence of the main party, or in the case of Sapphire and Diamond, obliteration at the hand of the Sister Ray canon, mounted at Port Junon and Midgar respectively.

Final Fantasy VIII

Two WEAPONs are featured in the eighth Final Fantasy; Ultima and Omega. Both are optional superbosses that play no role within the main story. Ultima WEAPON can be found at the bottom of the Deep Sea Research Center after returning there with the Ragnarok. Upon reaching the very bottom of this location, the party battles Ultima and can attempt to draw the guardian force Eden from it, the most powerful summon featured in the game. Omega offers no such prize other than a badge titled "Proof of Omega", however the experience of victory over this arguably most difficult boss in the entire series should be reward enough. Omega is found in the chapel at Ultimecia's Castle, appearing only after a bell has been rung in the gallery.

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