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It's A Step Up From the Original, But is That Enough?


The Wii has a giant list of different of controllers and periphals that have been released for it, and Wii MotionPlus is no exception. I could be wrong, but I'm betting that if Nintendo wanted the Wiimote to be like this when it the Wii was first shipped, they could have. But they didn't want to because they could make $20 off of one of these dumb things by making the Wiimote a piece of crap from the start. 
The thing about Wii Sports Resort that you need to understand is that it's really on $30. It comes packed in with a Wii MotionPlus which makes up for $20 of the reasonable $50 price tag. But here's the catch. Wii Sports Resort, at it's funnest, is when you're playing multiplayer. You can play things like golf or bowling still, since you don't need to be doing those at the same time, but games like table tennis, sword fighting, dog fighting, and other competitive modes are unplayable with another human unless you have two Wii MotionPluses (Wii Motion Plusi?), simply because you can not play the game without WMP. 

In case you don't know. WMP (Wii MotionPlus, duh) is a little tiny adapter you stick into the bottom of your Wiimote that greatly improves the controllers accuracy. The good thing is that it works as advertised, the WMP does indeed to what is says it's made to do. The controllers functionality is leaps and bounds above what is was before, this is most notable in sword fighting.  Everywhere your controller moves, the sword moves. Each time you swing, it does exactly what you want it to do.   

There are a ton more games than there were in the original Wii Sports. The menu screen has 12 games, but each of those consists of a few subcategories. Most of the games are new, but a few have returned from the old Wii Sports, new and improved with WMP support and other changes. Bowling and golf are both return, as well as tennis in table form. But you don't care about the old games. You want to hear about the new ones.  

The game kicks off with you, you guessed it (you probably didn't actually guess it), jumping out of a plane! That's right, you are forced to skydive before you can play anything else. They claim this is to show you how well the WMP really functions, and it doesn't dissapoint. Every little turn, twist, rotation, and waggle of the Wiimote has your Mii skydiver do exactly that while you move around grabbing hands of your other fellow parachutists to earn points. 
Once you land safely on Wuhu Island you are free to select any of the unlocked mini game you choose. Which is another thing, I really don't think you should have to unlock anything in this game, it's a party game, you play it with friends and family and you don't want to sit there trying to unlock your favorite game. Most of them are indeed unlocked, but certain difficulties and a few mingames here and there will need to be earned. (i.e. Regular fribee must be completed to unlock frisbee golf)  

Most of the games are hit and miss, with all the games in the swordplay and archery category being fun and entertaining, while games wakeboarding, frisbee, dog fighting, and cycling being less fun and ultimately boring. 
Some of the games' single player mode can actually pretty deep, so you're going to get a surprising amount of content, such as bowling sticking obstacles on the lane, forcing you to curve your ball around them to be successful. Games like swordplay have tons of different levels of play to have fun with, I've beat about 25-30 different people and the difficulty is still rising. Archery has quite a bit of different stages for you to take on, and things like jet skiing have plenty of racing and time challenges to tackle. Swordplay also has an awesome hack-and-slash like game that has you fighting off tons of sword wielding enemies. If you want to play a frisbee game on manual release (making you pick when to let go of the frisbee, alternatively you can have it automatically release) you'll ned a ton of pracitce, because let me tell you, it's difficult. Also, you can work on beating your friends high score in pretty much about every game on the disc. 
    For your convenience, the complete lits of Wii Sports Resort games are as follows: 
1. Swordplay   
  • Duel
  • Speed Slice
  • Showdown

2. Wakeboarding     
3. Frisbee
  • Frisbee Dog
  • Frisbee Golf
4. Archery    
5. Basketball 
  • 3 Point Contest
  • 3 on 3 Game
 6. Table Tennis
  • Match
  • Return Challenge
7. Golf 
8. Bowling 
  • 10-Pin Game
  • 100-Pin Game
  • Spin Control
9. Power Crusing 
  • Slalom Course
  • VS.
10. Canoeing 
  • Speed Challenge
  • VS.
11. Cycling 
  • Road Race
  • VS.
12. Air Sports 
  • Skydiving
  • Island Flyover
  • Dogfight
Final Decision 
There's no denying it, WSR is way better than Wii Sports. The WMP greatly increases the games' realism, the amount of content is so much more than Resort's predesessor, and it actually feels like a full game, not just some lazy game that was threw together in a matter of months like Wii Sports did. The game, however, still suffers from the same problem the original did. All of the games feel like a little stepping stone to what could be a much bigger and better game. For example, if you like table tennis then you could just go pick up Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis . If you enjoy golf you could just pick up the latest Tiger Woods PGA Tour game. As well as the continuous problem of the game not being all that enjoyable without a friend. Sorry, but if you want to have more than a sub-par time with this game you're going to have to spend atleast $70, or maybe even more than that if you want more than 2 people to be able to play.
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