A tought about the Wii U's appearance vs the Wii's

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So, I was thinking for sometime about the WiiU and how it's not doing so hot on it's launch, how Nintendo's marketing has been below average, abysmal menu speeds and all that.

Suddenly, I came to a realization regarding the WiiU and how it compares to it's predecessor.

I have no idea what a WiiU looks like. Literally. If you asked me I would not be able to describe it to save my life. Once I finish writing this I'll go look for it on google to satiate my curiosity but before that...

At first I tought maybe my memory was shot since I had even seen the 'unboxing' the Giant Bomb boys did but, when I tried recalling it in my mind all that it had going for it was 'a simple black square'. That's 90% of all hardware being created, phones, etc.

Meanwhile, on the past, everybody knew what a Wii looked like, not only the Wii but it's controller too, people were making jokes about it, sure, but that ended up making sure that it's design ended up burned in our minds. That along the Wii's 'slanted square' and the blue shining drive.

Now if we get that and add the fact that the huge sales of the Wii were due to it's 'hype' you can see that this spells huge trouble for the WiiU

So, that's it, I wanted to vent my ideas somewhere and discuss how silly it was when nintendo did stuff such as hiding the WiiU from our eyes on E3 and how it looks like it all will come crashing down on them, thanks if you've read this far! :D

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Think "2001" monolith but with rounded sides and corners( at least for the black one), there it is.

Nintendo has really made the effort to place the emphasis on the controller, all it's advertising, and publicity has placed the controller as the crux of the console's identity. I can understand this emphasis, having used the console extensively now, it rearranges your relationship with the console and the main television, being able to play it away from the set up, in bed, or, as is a big point for many people, in the bathroom ( I don't understand this, I would never do this).

It's really strange how I find myself annoyed now that I have to go up to the console to change game discs to play something different. It's enticed me to go digital on future releases. It's hard to explain unless you experience it yourself, but the console itself does feel less integral to the experience, it's trying to fade into the background, which is a very differen't feeling then I've had with any console before hand. The fact that the wiiu gamepad charges via it's own ac adapter, as opposed to being tethered to the system also enhances this separation between these two things.

It's unfortunate that the marketing only makes sense after the fact. I imagine there will be a lot of confusion among more casual buyers. I look at the way it's been marketed, or how it appears in stores. How many people are buying the wii thinking it's the new console, or buying wii u games thinking it will work with the wii? It's going to be pretty bumpy for a while, it's something only time will be able to mend until you get more larger and unique games that carve out the wiiu's identity a bit better.

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The console itself doesn't look sexy at all. The faceplate looks too utilitarian.

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Just like the Wii the WiiU is recognizable by it's controller. I assume thats what Nintendo always aims for because, lets be honest here, they have never made a "nice" looking console or handheld while their controllers are always memorable, good or bad.

The controller is the selling point, not the console.

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I love the look of the WiiU console. Probably the best looking console ever. Can't wait to see what Sony and Microsofts new shit will look like.

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I saw a TV ad (finally) for the WiiU earlier, and I don't think it showed the console at all. You'd think they'd want to show as much of it as they can to diffuse the confusion about it being a Wii accessory.

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