Cliffy B on Wii U

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Here's what Cliffy B has said regarding the Wii U recently:

Being raised on All Things Nintendo I will always I love all things Nintendo. I'll be watching the Wii U closely. I think Nintendo may have initially lost a little of their core with the Wii for a bit, honestly, and they seem to have realized this. I believe they also recognize that we live in a "multi-screen" culture hence the controller design. I played ZombiU at PAX and it was promising (even though the controls could use a little loving!) so we'll have to wait and see.

That first sentence without a pause made me laugh, I still remember how Cliffy B featured in issues of Nintendo Power as a kid. Epic Games once said the Wii was like a virus infecting the videogame industry, they've certainly changed their tune, haha. I wonder why. There have been rumours regarding a joint project between Nintendo and Epic Games, but we'll have to wait and see if there's any truth to it. After their work on Shadow Complex, a downloadable 2D Metroid would be nice.

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The evil organization from Shadow Complex should cryofreeze the main guy for experimentation. Aliens land on Earth and in the chaos, he is forgotten about for centuries only to be awoken by the aliens, who befriend him. Years later, the aliens face a threat and you scrap together a band of pirates and bounty hunters to help you defend the aliens. You play that as a Wii U game where you're hunting down the person killing the aliens but you never get a good look at them until the final boss where you find out it's been Samus Aran and the aliens were Metroids. WiiU functionality is anti-coop where one person plays Samus on the tablet doing her campaign while the big screen plays as Shadow Complex dude.

That is my Epic x Nintendo dream. Anything less from Epic will be a massive disappointment. Unless it's the Jazz Jackrabbit sequel we've all been waiting for.

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Well, I can see how that could work, in a deranged developers mind :)

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I was hoping it'd be some Wii U exclusive Cliffy B simulator or something. I'd buy a Wii U for that.

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@sickVisionz: Who would be the 'main guy' at Chair (developer of Shadow Complex)? Because don't get it twisted in thinking Clifford B is the 'main guy' in Epic, he's the face they put out there (don't get me wrong, he does his thing but yeah I'd say tim-sweeney or michael-v-capps is as they have control on where the company goes next. Cliff is good at speaking in front of a camera/ does interviews wells in that environment so he's put out there a lot). He's had practice - *posting obligatory Cliffyphoria vid* -

Loading Video...

*Edit* Re reading your post I think you meant the 'main guy' from the game and not the developer? Sorry if I took it the wrong way, I just always found it weird how people latched onto personalities creating a game. Like Cliff making Gears, Jade Raymond making Assassins Creed, Randy Pitched making Borderlands, the Bioware doctors making Mass Effect/Dragon Age; when really there's a whole team behind the decisions that get made and put into the game.

Anyway! Cool, lol. (slightly drunk on a friday night in between playing borderlands 2 co op)

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My true issue with the Wii U is that if we do live in a multi-screen culture, how the fuck am I supposed to surf the net on my iPad while playing Wii U games if I'm already keeping track of two screens? Fuck you Nintendo for complicated my privileged life.

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Wow, that's my Wii friend Teany!, she ran a blog on Microsoft's community site years ago, I had no fricking idea she worked for G4TV!, and with Laura, who also worked at too!. It all makes sense now...

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