Controller as a handheld gaming device?

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So what are you expectations/wishes for the controller on this thing? 
  It apparently has at least 1 camera  
, probably some type of motion control and rumors also pointing to a screen.  If it does have a screen, i think it really opens up a lot of possibilities.  I'm imagining games that have portable play options.  Like maybe an RPG that lets you do some item crafting or browse shops while you're on the go.  It wouldnt be reasonable for a company to produce a fully portable version of every game for this but I think there could be some awesome possibilities here.  Think fire emblem GBA graphics on the handheld but full 3d on your tv, playing the same game anywhere.  

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This controller is starting too sound waaaaay too ridiculous. 

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So the rumors for this thing so far are: 

5 inch HD touch screen 
Surface can mimic other surfaces ("Nintendo Feel") 
A camera 
Games can be streamed to the controller 

Probably more that I missed, but overall this sounds like a load of shit and I don't believe any of this.
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So, the controller for this new console will be a single-screen DS? 
If you could use a 3DS as a controller that would be kinda cool, but all of this just seems way too crazy for a controller. 
But I guess the Wiimote also seemed kinda crazy at first, and that turned out pretty well for them, so...

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So they are building on the FF: Crystal Chronicles and Four Swords concept they just threw out the window even though it was kind of cool?

I'm okay with this.

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