Do downloaded games from the eShop load faster

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On the Wii U, is there any significant difference between loading times of games on disc and games downloaded from the eShop? For example, does the eShop version of Assassin's Creed 3 load faster than the retail disc version of Assassin's Creed 3?

How about downloaded games stored on an external hard drive compared to on the system itself? Do loading times taking a hit in any way?

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I too would love to know

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@radixnegative2: @rainvillain: I googled it, surprisingly there's no official video comparison or anything. (usually websites like to compare everything but weirdly this seems to have been overlooked?!)

I only found this post on a Monster Hunter forum: that says at the very least that game does load faster if it's a download copy installed on the internal flash memory.

One would hope this issue is fixable via firmware since loading times are one of the main issues with the system overall (when it really shouldn't be since everything relating is either faster or more efficient). Remember that there's a supposedly major (and significant) firmware update coming next month (and another one during the summer) that while introducing a bunch of new system features, also is said to improve load times (at least for the system UI stuff).

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