What is the best game you want for Wii U?

#1 Posted by MedalOfMode (314 posts) -

I think Minecraft.

Minecraft for Wii U

5 Player Split-Screen (1 on Tablet)

1:1 PC Version and Better

Add-On Mods

Make Skins on Tablet

What is yours?

#2 Posted by JJOR64 (19568 posts) -

Dark Souls with proper Miiverse integration into the game like NSMBU would be neat.

#3 Posted by JaredA (845 posts) -

Bayonetta 2 is the correct answer.

#4 Posted by Dagbiker (7022 posts) -

I would buy a wiiu if they made a Jet Force Gemini for the Wiiu.

#5 Posted by Klei (1799 posts) -

A new Metroid made by Retro.

#6 Posted by Mousse_gallon (272 posts) -

- New Zelda game using 2 of the Gamepads

- At least a new Pokemon Game like Colosseum/Gale of Darkness

- New big 2D Metroid Game (Metroidvania)

- New Star Fox Game

#7 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

Wind Waker HD!

#8 Posted by Fire_Of_The_Wind (193 posts) -

2.5D Metroid

#9 Posted by bigsmoke77 (841 posts) -
@Hizang: God-forbid Nintendo try to do something new with the Legend of Zelda franchise  
#10 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -
@bigsmoke77 Ofcourse they should do something knew, seeing as that series starts and ends with Wind Waker. OOT is over rated and Skyward Sword was meh.

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