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The Wind Fish is a massive whale that sleeps inside a giant egg on top of Mt. Tamaranch on Koholint Island. The Wind Fish is one of the central figures in The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening, and is portrayed as an almighty deity. Early in the game, Marin the owl explains to link that if he is going to leave Koholint Island, he must first collect the Instruments of the Sirens. Only with their power he can awaken the Wind Fish and be ridden of his geographical misfortunes. At the end of the game, Link realizes that the world around him is indeed the dream of the Wind Fish, and he has been trapped in it since the beginning. The Nightmares, beings of evil, live in the dream and make it their duty to guard the Instruments of the Sirens from Link.

When the game is completed, Link and the Wind Fish meet for the first time. The Wind Fish explains to Link that since the dream over, the Island will disappear because it is a part of the dream. However, the Wind Fish goes on to explain how Koholint Island will remain a real place in his memories. Soon after, Link is dumped from the void and finds himself back on his wrecked boat, sprawled across the deck. He appears confused, but overjoyed to be back. Overhead, the Wind Fish glides through the air, eventually disappearing over the horizon.

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