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World Club Champion Football (WCCF) is a Japanese card-based, fantasy football/soccer-based sports/strategy/simulation arcade game produced by Sega and released in 2002. The player assembles a squad by collecting and trading specially marked cards. The player then selects a team and manage it, playing simulated football matches on an arcade machine taking part in friendly, league and cup competitions.

The squad managed by the player can consist of up to 16 footballer cards with the data stored on a player's smart card, commonly known as an IC. The IC can store up to 150 matches worth of data; once the maximum number of matches has been reached the player has an option to transfer their statistics to a new IC.

Footballer cards are registered by starting a game and laying the cards down on a special touch surface that identifies the card allowing the game to retrieve the footballers attributes from a database.

Players can issue commands to his team during a match, change the team's formation, talk to individual team members or in pairs in a virtual manager's office and train the team up to six areas of skill: Offense, Defence, Passing, Possession, Speed, and Power.

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