armaan8014's World of Goo (PC) review

It will make you think. And once you are able to, you'll feel lik

 World of goo not only makes you think, but it also has a great story, humor, and ideas. The innovation keeps up with the game, and none of the concepts get old, as the game keeps putting in new ideas as you progress along with the game .

The main idea is to keep building towards a pipe with the help of goo balls and collect a certain no. of goo balls with your knowledge of physics and also common sense.

The sounds made by the goo balls are funny and cute. This keeps you entertained along with a great background music for different levels.

There is another level in which all your extra collected goo balls are sent where you can attempt to build the highest tower against other people from the internet

But you haven't played anything until you reach the 4th stage. Everything changes, and the game kind of becomes brand new.

It's a great game that will keep you thinking and entertained for as long as you are playing it. 


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